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Working offshore on oil rigs

Why do young men choose hard job of sea oil rig roustabout? Only because it is very well paying?


What is important, if you've made your mind to work on oil rigs on offshore platforms of Australia or South Africa or whatever location across the world, where the oil companies hire the people to work for them for good salary, is knowing foreign languages for one requirement and getting physically endure for other. It is an obvious advantage for men to weld their character and personality while working on oil drilling platform. Particularly, if you are a young man, that is a great chance to expand one's knowledge of the world while working close with a team composed of people, men and women of different nationalities.

Primary reason for doing so is opportunity to earn big money. But saying decent money, it is a very common motivation for any employee or worker working for any company, not just oil and gas. At start of every man's oil rig career the salary commonly begins from earning $US 1,000 a week, but just compare that to what is being paid to chief rig managers getting paid from $US 3,000 for working on the same oil rig for the same amount of the days. Take it or not, you can hardly call employment on oil rigs a dream job, considering in oil rig industry it's working for long weeks together with a team of the diverse and little known to you tough people thousands of miles away from your family and home. Providing for your family can not be necessarily done through leaving for strange destination in order to work within a limited space shoulder to shoulder with men you hardly got anything in common besides the common wish to earn some big bucks for the sake of one's financial stability. Good education or having been trained for performing a skilled work like welder, radio operator, medic, or engineer allows job seeker find good employment on land without the necessity to part with your wife and children. Now comes the question why so many people opt to apply for vacancies on offshore rigs instead of, say, oil fields of Nebraska, North Dakota, Texas, or elsewhere around the United States? The real and true answer to that question is independence that comes in package with a position on oil & gas rigs - that's what you additionally earn while getting your very first entry level job, be it offshore on in Alaska.

Being independent, first of all within the terms of the finance. The oil rig worker earns his money, some big dollars, in an honest manner, and that's hard goal to achieve these days, this age. Oil career growth results in an increase of salary. Promotion on oil rigs from ordinary roustabout or roughneck, or other entry-level position happens quickly. It's sooner personality that counts, not one's training or education. You can easily and quickly become chief mechanic on the oil rig, if you come there at young age. It i quite normal for, say, maintenance roustabout to go join deck crew to work guiding crane, and from there getting promoted to the position of crane operator - courses are available right on the site, which means that opportunities with oil rig companies are endless, should you be ambitious and focussed well on your oil career. If you learn new skills to apply and to work better - the oil rig management won't fail to notice, and offer you promotion to positions that pay even better.

Benefits and shortages of working on oil rigs.

No experience oil rig jobs

Provided applicant for a position at oil rig understands both the advantages and benefits of the employment on oil rigs, that's a good sign and the indicative you shouldn't miss your chance of possibly getting hired on oil rigs for one of those entry level oil drilling jobs in the New Zealand or Australia. But still before trying to go off shore, it would be highly beneficial to get employed and work for some time at an onshore oil drilling facility, where you can get invaluable experience and some handy skills you could successfully apply while on offshore oil drilling platform. Although onshore oil rig positions are paid less compared to offshore rig jobs, gaining the similar experience won't fail to help you beet other applicants for offshore oil positions.

Working as medic on oil drilling platform

For medics there exists better opportunities to get employed as entry level employee as compared to the applicants counting to get job placement as unqualified laborers. Oil Rig medic, even if this position doesn't belong to management or administration staff, still an important figure on any offshore oil rig. The responsibilities include providing emergency medical care for all the people aboard, both staying there permanently and temporarily. Accomplishing 4 week HSE accredited course, followed by refresher courses after each 3 years, are mandatory before actually starting or continuing to work. The course include Trauma, Cardiac, Airway, and major incident and safety training, so that if circumstances occur, HSE Offshore Medics could effectively assist the injured or sick oil rig workers and employees.

Working on oil rigs in the UK

Find out the specifics of getting job and having placement on oil rigs in the UK North Sea, Scotland, and offshore Ireland. Seasoned workers wanted, both women and men, no experience necessary, the recruiters never stop looking for suitable candidates for oil companies. In fact for most part the UK oil drilling companies do not require any CV for inexperienced work positions such as roustabout, roughneck, cleaners, galleyhands, cook's assistants, catering staff, painters etc. Instead what entry level are required for starting process of being hired on UK oil rigs is filling out simple application form and passing interview. The CV's are needed for qualified positions like mud engineer, motorist, camp boss, scuba divers and underwater welders, mechanics. If you know someone who was previously employed or who works currently on the oil rigs regardless of their location, be it India or the Brazil, having a reference from such person is important, though not necessary if you are applicant for working on the Aberdeen UK oil rigs as a roustabout or other entry level crew member. The review and detailed recommendations for job seekers will be available soon for free downloading here, so re-visit often. The salaries for oil rig starter positions start from £ 500 - £ 800 per week in catering sector, while beginner roustabouts on UK oil rigs may count to get paid somewhere between £ 750 - £ 1,100 per week. Agents in the UK also recruit men and women for working on oil rigs off shore the South Eastern Asia and the Middle East countries like Iraq. The oil companies like Esso, Exxon Mobil, BP do encourage people to attend the on site courses and they see it positive if entry level workers have desire to advance and get promoted to more specialized and higher paid positions on the UK oil rigs. In fact, roustabout is only where your career starts, and it can be amazing.

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