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Offshore crane operator vacancy

Songa Offshore is one of the newer players including rig companies of the Norwegian Continental Shelf. Nevertheless, today we rejoice in being a leader in the industry. Besides the three units already in operation, we awarded a contract for construction and operation of four new rigs Statoil. Det creates long-term. The backbone of the organization's employees with competence, ability and willingness to take responsibility. We on our part creates opportunities for the individual.


We at Songa Offshore will continue to get vacancy as assistant crane operator at several of our offshore oil rigs. Are you motivated to make a contribution to offshore oil rig of the industry's most exciting company? For your safety at all times be at the top, so we rely on employees who have experience in this type of offshore job before. Candidates who hold that position today will be preferred. We wish to advise that anyone wishing to be considered for this position must apply online.

Offshore crane operator responsibilities on our rig:

Qualifications to apply crane operator job


Songa Offshore wish to have a single focus on our employees. Our rigs are known for a good working environment, something we are actively working to transfer to the new rigs too. Among other benefits we have holiday club, good insurance and retirement plans, competitive conditions and other welfare schemes.

Work as crane operator offshore on oil rigs

Offshore crane operator job tasks:

Offshore crane operators, has a very important job on the offshore oil platform. Offshore cranes built and used in today's technically advanced offshore platforms, They need more skills than just being able to pull the levers.

As crane operator you do lifting operations, working on the deck and maintenance of cranes. What can not be lifted manually to deck from supply boats\ships are lifted by cranes. To manage operations in deep water or at high altitudes, and often under extreme conditions, is part of everyday life of offshore crane operator.

Operations of crane are associated with a certain risk, and safety is always in focus. As the crane operator have the overall responsibility for the work being performed in a safe and responsible manner, and to work closely with flagman and boat driver, and communicate with the crew on deck with the help of a headset and radio. Because of this safety equipment must always be in top condition. In practice this means every 14 hours maintenance of equipment, and also that as a crane operator takes daily attention.

Typical tasks for an offshore crane operator:

Personal Characteristics for offshore crane operator

In order to work offshore as a crane operator on oil rig you should be comfortable working at heights, and you should have both good eyesight, good hearing and general good health (last one is essential for any man working offshore not only crane operator). You must be calm, patient, practically oriented performing equally diverse and independent tasks. You must have excellent collaboration and communication skills (Fluent English). Because there is often a rapid pace, you need to have the ability to concentrate and work efficiently and accurately. Leadership skills are also advantage.

Further education and career possibilities for offshore crane operators

Several choose to build on their education with technical college, engineering degree, machine construction are most popular directions to choose for offshore employment. Completed college provides expertise in middle management.

In order to work offshore as a crane operator on oil rig you must be able to perform a number tasks.

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