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Roustabout Salary on oil rigs

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Getting your very first entry level job in the oil industry's offshore installations in the capacity of a roustabout should be a blessing. If you already did the same or the related job on land, your prospects of getting same on the offshore drilling platform are very good. Working as roustabout is exactly how many guys put their foot in the door of oil rigging industry, and that's the way you might wish to follow either. Even at the entry level oil rig jobs the benefits you get immediately once enlisted are very attractive, while opportunities to get promoted and be advanced rapidly are even better.

Top Oil Platform Jobs and Career Opportunities

Featured advertisement: A leading Oil & Gas company has been looking for an Instrument Engineer to ensure the support of operations to offshore platforms, announces the Norfolk based G2 Recruitment Solutions company with years of headhunting for oil drilling companies. Position of an Instrument Engineer for oil rigs involves continuous review of maintenance of the offshore instrumentation. Other vacancies: Metering Technician, Project Engineering Manager to work at the locations around Aberdeen, Teesside, and Holland.

The salaries of roustabouts and roustabout related positions on oil rigs

Roustabout positions constitute core of the deck crew, it's people that are for the most part get in direct touch with the oil drilling equipment handling that can be only partially mechanized

The Drilling Crew Salary Review

The salaries for roustabouts, roughnecks and the offshore drill crew members that we review in this report are available on the oil rigs of the UK, and may vary for other locations.

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