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Find out more about entry level general labor positions on offshore rigs of Mexico, you'll have better idea of what to expect from the employers, as well as what they expect from you.


Entry Level Oil Rig Jobs in the Gulf of Mexico

For entry level oil rig jobs in the Gulf of Mexico there's a demand for men 18 years old and older that are physically fit, healthy and are capable to undergo successful physical examination and pass the test. Candidates should be drug free and emotionally stable. The latter is important because working in secluded space, which every offshore oil rig is, can be stressful, therefore being a team player by one's nature is not only advantage, but also is a must. Entry level positions on the rigs of Mexico such as roustabout or general laborer do not require formal education, you just need to be strong enough to lift and carry heavy objects, move around mechanisms and the machinery, as well as capable to endure long hours of work. The entry level positions are not limited to roustabouts, there are lots of other, some of them requiring preliminary training, others not. These are painters, medics, welders, scaffolders and positions in catering like cook, cook's assistants, helpers in the kitchen, and even simple dish washers.

Era Offshore Helicopter Pilot (Gulf of Mexico)


  • Commercial Rotorcraft category
  • Hold a current first or second class medical
  • 3,000 total helicopter hours minimum (desired)
  • 2,000 total helicopter hours minimum (required)
  • 1,500 hours PIC helicopter (required)
  • 100 hours offshore

Our compensation structure is designed to make Era an attractive employer and we are competitive within the industry. We also offer a very competitive benefit package which includes an employer sponsored matching 401k plan.
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Since hiring is being done for oil rigs that can be located both on land and off shore Mexico, in the Gulf waters, the entry level job seeker may have to travel to some distant locations rather often. If it's an offshore installation, rig workers are being flown there by helicopter. Another important thing expected from the greenhands, is that this person be a quick learner and picks up necessary skills by hands-on training from learning from more experienced leasehands and floorhands while performing their duties on the deck or in the maintenance.

The entry level oil rig roustabout salary in the Gulf of Mexico is $1600 up to $2600 per week offshore. The next position that inexperienced roustabout can normally be promoted after gaining some experience to with adequate salary increase is Roughneck, who is a worker employed on the drill deck for performing various operations that require physical force, such as loading/unloading tools and parts of them from carts and trucks, guiding cranes, and helping other deck crew members.

Some of the entry-level oil jobs get paid weekly. If you've beern hired to work in catering quarters, which means much less stress and no direct contact with sometimes dangerous weather conditions, your entry level salary can be as low as 700 dollars a week, but even that is very much compared to what you could be paid for performing the similar duties in the industries other than oil exploration. Simple dishwashers working on the rigs of the Gulf of Mexico can count to earn not less than $US 700 a week - and you get that cash at the end of each week guaranteed.

Nemerous oil rigs close to the territory of America are located not only in the Gulf of Mexico, but also off the coast of California, litarally hundreds of them. Offshore oil rig vacancies wait for being filled also in Alabama, Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, and off the coast of Florida. The other entry level jobs in the oil and gas industry can be found on the refineries of Texas and Louisiana, where they are just abundant.

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