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Entry-Level Electrician, no experience necessary


Getting job in the oil industry as entry level Electrician

Yes, the Electrician's is another entry level job available on the oil rigs. According to reviews, you can be hired on oil rigs offshore as entry level electrician even if you have previously never worked offshore at sea, but this specialized position requires the appropriate education and prior training in a related industry on land. Successful candidate for the position of entry level electrician on the oil drilling platforms is expected to have quite a scope of basic knowledge of the electrical functions, but what's even more important, the willingness to learn from fellow electricians servicing the rig, and have the time management skills. Required are the electrical theory knowledge (Associate's degree in Electrical Theory, vocational degree preferred), communication skills, as well as possessing general mechanical skills, the applicant must be capable to ensure and supervise economical use of electric equipment and materials that are needed for distribution and the maintenance of the equipment and devices such as transformers, voltage regulators, pumps, motors, breakers, and the like. Responsibilities also include maintenance of accurate records that would reflect changing priorities in situations that occur while working in the challenging weather conditions. Should be physically fit enough to be able to climb structures or work within the limited space, should be accustomed for heavy lifting even if there will always be roustabouts or roughnecks by their side. Starting is usually as the Maintenance Electrician whose basic responsibilities comprise routine preventative electrical maintenance functions. Entry level oil rig Electrician job involves assisting higher level positions while learning from them in the course of work. Position of an entry level Electrician is a less dirty work on the oil platforms, available for men and women, the other advantages include what a seasoned employment offers - you work by shifts, which in reality translates into half year of free time on shore and very good salary and unlimited career growth.

As in any other industry, an oil company will train successful applicant on the electric job, but being eager to learn and to work hard is necessary, the more you do that, the bigger are the opportunities to get advanced. Besides the oil rig electrician, there's a big choice of other entry level vacancies on oil rigs that include, but are not limited to working in capacity of radio operator, medic, engineer, welder, heavy machinery operator, electrical engineer, and, of course, roustabout. The list of jobs can be extended, but this is not the purpose of this online guide.

While the oil industry entry-level jobs like electrician for the most part are available onshore, there's still opportunity to get your electrician's career started on oil rigs, especially if you are physically strong and have a daring and ambitious personality.


Rig Electrician earns from $US 50,000 to $US 100,000 per year, the average salary being $US 65,000, though. If you work onshore during your time off you can add impressively to that salary. The electrician's work offshore is normally by shifts, 2 weeks offshore, 2 weeks onshore on leave, rotating. Starting on offshore oil rigs can be hard with no offshore experience; presenting carefully and intelligently composed CV is important - read advice section of this site.

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