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Getting an entry level job on the oil rigs, important information

The companies performing offshore oil drilling are looking to give jobs to people who are physically strong, but have no proper training or experience of having worked on the sea based oil rigs. Variety of entry level oil positions are available all time, but they stay vacant waiting for the right guys to have them filled.

The offshore entry level jobs are in fact very numerous for filling, but the issue is whether you, as an applicant, know the ways and the approaches of searching for them. Online advertisements that say something the kind of no experience roustabout needed or roustabout no experience required pop up all the time, and they originate from the recruiting agencies that do head hunting for oil rigs and platforms. They are worth to pay attention to, given it is less problematic to be successful when you strive to get general laborer's job on oil rigs than looking for a qualified vacancy like wet welder/scuba diver, assistant crane operator, not to say a Mud Engineer, Driller, or a Derrickman.

Here's the good piece of news: positions like roustabout job do not require any training at all! For people that feel they possess ability to learn and pick up knowledge rapidly Roustabout job could be that very lifetime opportunity of starting their prosperous and lifestyle changing oil rig offshore career. Just ask, and you'll discover that there's full array of persons that have built careers starting as roustabout as a deck crew member. In fact, roustabout entry level job, at least in Australia or South Eastern Asia, can offer the newbbies an opportunity of a good start on the oil offshore platforms.

Feedback and stories of success of gaining entry level oil job without any prior experience of working on the rigs:

  1. Review by Nikolay from Russia who has been working in the oil industry for over 10 years: I'll tell you how much money could be earned, bust most important, about oil rig career opportunities. I adore my job on oil rigs, and that's not just due to the eacellent sallary they pay , but mainly it's both challenging and very interesting activity!
  2. Review by the rig worker from the USA. We started off with a briefing on helicopters, life jackets and breathing apparatus. There was wealth of information on display during the courses, various life saving jackets, tools and all that accompanied by photos and videos of how real people perform real oil drilling operations on platforms, all kinfs of helicopters and the ways that allow to escape in the emergency situations like fire, the safety equipment and the safety measures that they suggest were very informative. The helicopter induction videos were included.
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