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Recession or no recession, oil rigs continuously keep hiring new hands for oil rig job vacancies, and wages that they offer for working in demanding and often dangerous environment are impressive. Once someone gets employed in the oil rig industry, it's really scarce you hear them say they are disappointed.


Can you recall a different industry that offers up to $US 100,000 salary per year to unskilled laborer like roughneck or roustabout on offshore oil rigs? Moreover, you can start earning this big money on oil rigs immediately, cinsidering that entry-level roustabout positions don't require any training, just a brief one-time review instruction.

If after the interview and a few necessary tests like testing on drug dependence and proving you are physically fit you are accepted, then excellent salary that starts around $US 55,000 - 60,000 per year, as well as many valuable benefits are guaranteed for you as long as you are able and willing to work. In fact, that's what you get for working only 6 months a year, because working on offshore oil rigs is by shifts.

Sounds enticing?

Now the major challenge faced by average beginner oil rig job seeker is how to get your foot in the door as an oil rig worker by landing one of the entry level jobs. Getting your very first job in the oil rig industry, that's what it's all about!

If you succeed in finding your way to the interview with a recruiter, then you may consider the bigger portion of the task completed. The point is oil and gas industry is sort of closed field, and not having a recommendation from someone who's been already working on oil fields, makes the job seeker's chances to get invited to the interview with a recruiting agent rather faint.

Don't get immediately discouraged, if you have no one to refere you. The bigger part of current offshore and land based oil rig workers were in the same situation in the past, even worse. They even had no internet to find the info like on this or similar websites, which means you are better off than they were once to start off - and to succeed in having a career on oil rigs they thought they could only dream about.

Who can assist?

Rigworker is a great resource, to my mind. It's an online oil field employment placement program that helps oil rig job applicants, especially first timers, to submit their resumés to over thousand hiring departments or specialized recruiters that recruite roustabouts, roughnecks, medics, radio operators (yes, these are too considered entry level jobs) for oil drilling facilities and platforms, both land based and offshore.

From over 300 persons I have referred to the Rigworker, only one guy expressed dissatisfaction by the results of their helping him find an oil rig job he was hoping to land. The others were happy, and never asked for a refund.

I must repeat once more that finding real entry level oil rig job on your own requires huge effort, which can be reduced dramatically, if you use the services provided by the website of the said Rigworker oil employment pacement program. The services include:

Besides roustabouts and roughnecks, or simple jobs like painters, the service offers the employment on oil rigs for the variety of other jobs, like those of electrician, deck crew, floorhands, drilling crew, rig management, mechanical, catering, control room, welders, scuba divers and many more, even if primarily it's targeted to people wishing to get their first time entry job on oil rigs. The main advantage of this service, to my mind, is that it can greately expedite your process of employment. They send your resumé directly to over 1200 oil rig companies that hire, contractors, recruiting agents

You can use the services of Rigworker free for 90 days.

Worth trying, isn't it?

Full lifetime membership with the Rigworker is $US 59.95, should you opt to upgrade. The point is that paid membership allows you use the service's potential and speed to the fullest and be a couple of steps ahead of your competitors. "Push your name to the top, as they say!"

If at some moment after already being in the oil drilling industry you wish to return to the Rigworker, because this popular oil rig jobs locator can be of further use to you, you won't have to pay again. There's a never ending turnover of people working on oil rigs, some people come, the others leave, new vacancies and better positions open constantly, which means that the service can tun out handy for you in the future should you think of quickly finding oil rig employment with a different company or at a different location in the world. You won't have to pay next time, since your memberrship with the service is lifetime.

Go get job offer of your dream!

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