Rig jobs, both entry level and advanced,
are currently available for the taking on offshore and land based oil rigs!

Offshore jobs on the oil drilling platforms that currently can be vacant

Here's another excellent announcement for the job seekers that would like to land an entry level job within the world oil & gas industry, but lack any previous experience of the sort. It's absolutely not important whether you had previous experience or education that relates to working in oil & gas exploration or drilling wells offshore. Due the enormous expansion and growth of the development of sites with oil & gas the hands are needed at this time and everyone who's physically fit can count to secure his position as an entry level worker and get hired for a high paying oil rig job. It's really a lifetime opportunity and chance to bring changes into the quality of your lifestyle! Mind only that besides big wish to get an oil rig rob in Canada, Australia, the USA, or South Africa, or India, or elsewhere, you need to be drug free and generally in strong health shape, and have a personality that normally is being described as tough guy, though being non-conflicting person.


A list of high paying rig jobs.

The point is that for the major part these jobs are for experienced applicants meaning practical experience of at least having worked on land in similar positions of the related industries is what they can produce in their CV, and they are continuously available because of the aging of the existing workforce employed on oil rigs, offshore and fields. Anyway, don't get discouraged, should you fail to qualify for a position of skilled worker with no experience of having worked successfully in oil exploration/drilling industry. There's a plenty of the opportunities, and there's room for newly hired, especially if you can learn quickly, and don't mind making your hands dirty serving as roustabout and roughneck. Remember, everyone had started from the bottom once.

Being one on the biggest in the world, literally global, the oil industry is in constant need for the new hands, meaning both trained and inexperienced personnel, which it continues to employ because of high turnaround rate of people because of the extreme conditions and environment of working on oil rigs, especially in entry level positions having to do directly with drilling of the oil like roughnecks and roustabouts, be if in Singapore of in the North Sea. High salaries have always been regarded as the primary benefit of working on the offshore shore jobs, and they are what primarily encourages people to pursue oilcareers until the age of retirement. What is much spoken about, is the fact that the oil drilling industry workers are capable to make fantastic salaries while working only half a time annually very often with no related education at all, at least while they remain on entry level. By the way, the oil companies would normally offer various courses and onsite training to the people they've just hired. You don't need to go to college, in many cases learning and getting certified on site is enough, taken your really have quick mind and are a capable and willing learner. Such experience can be equivalent to getting formal education, and your chances for advancement increase exponentially. Another benefit of getting employed for oil career positions is that normally you do not have to spend on meals since these are served free of charge, and that's part of a standard contract for working with oil rigs in Oceania or elsewhere, specifically if you work on offshore oil rig.

The major explanation of the reasons the suggested oil rig jobs present an excellent career choice doesn't lie with gas & oil companies offering exceptionally good salaries to their employees and laborers (roughnecks, roustabouts, tool pushers, and even catering positions like chef, night cook, stewart, people doing laundry for oil rig workers (yes, these are also entry level positions within oil drilling. Once you have managed to put your foot in the door, you are offered the stability of your employment without having to remain with the same company that employed you for the first time. Having been employed once, there is no problem changing the employer, because even etry-level workers with experience that do not have ambitions as for the advancement, are gladly employed by other oil drilling companies or their recruiting agents. Positions that can be relatively easily seized by applicants with CV showing they had experience on oil rigs are numerous, and they range from unskilled workers knowing to perform missions requiring physical endurance and ability to work for long hours to supervisors and different kinds of technicians, electricians, and engineers on oil drilling platforms.

Descriptions of the Most Popular Oil Rig Jobs Available, Entry Level and Advanced

Here are just some of the highly needed jobs on the list of the oil rigs that are too entry level, maybe surprisingly contradicting very popular belief that entry level jobs on oil rigs are limited to hard physical labor positions and jobs in catering department that require little or no training or education at all. Fresh and constantly updated information telling and explaining the ways of increasing applicant's chance of becoming someone to compete their way to landing some of these gas and oil jobs is available in corresponding web pages across this site for checking out of the visitors in their search for comprehensive online guide to working on oil rigs. We also urge you to get familiarized with the opinions and professional advice of veteran oil workers who got insider first hand information on some of the smart ways to win your chance for starting great career within this highly specific and much rumored of branch of the most lucrative jobs provider industry.

Medic job
Contrary to a persistent misconception that entry level oil rig jobs are limited to roustabout profession, while even roughneck, the second well paid job on oil rigs that doesn't require even basic education and relies on physical force, endurance, and good reaction along with some of the physical abilities is considered an advanced position, the job of the rig medic is another entry level position that do not even require being a physician with diploma. It's enough to be a nurse with no previous experience of working on offshore facilities or sea vessels, ships etc. Considering that personnel on the oil oil rigs is selected based on their good health criteria, a medic on the rig normally has no other duties than to provide first aid to employees and workers in case of accidents or traumas. The salary of $US 70,000 per year on average, though, says that this position is a responsible one, and if not education, requires completion of some courses and appropriate certification. Preference can be expected during the hiring process to former military who can count on getting paid even better.

Roustabout is the most widely known and most popular oil entry level job. Most of the people found on the rigs once started at his position before being promoted to more responsible vacancies. Roustabout responsibilities include carrying tools and weighty objects, helping on the deck to roughnecks, directing cranes and guiding the bigger objects and the pieces of cargo they transport. Roustabout are expected in the case of need or the emergency to perform the over time work, which, naturally gets paid twice as much or more as working normal hours.

Oil rig welder
These are the most common jobs on oil rigs, and you can hardly imagine an offshore installation without welders that are constantly involved in construction and repairs of different parts of the huge all-steel construction. Welders are in particular need, therefore often it is only wish to work, the proper training, and good health are what required to get this very well paid position on oil rig - it can be classified as entry level too. If you are a scuba diver who is a PADI Divemaster, getting trained as technical scuba diver and an underwater welder will definitely open door for you for a magnificent and very rewarding career of scuba diver/wet welder on oil rigs in any part of the world.

Oil Drilling Jobs
Drillers are people trained to operate drilling mechanisms, and there are lots of them working on offshore and land based oil rigs. Drillers salaries range from $US 1000 to $US 5000 per week, considering effectiveness of work, education, training, certifications and the skills, of course. Oil drilling positions include: Assistant Driller, Driller, Directional Driller, Horizontal Drilling Coach, Drilling Engineer, Drilling Superintendent, Drilling Supervisor, Platform Rig Drilling Supervisor, Deepwater Drilling Supervisor, Night Drilling Supervisors. As you can see, there's much room for advancement.

Radio operation jobs
Radio Operators on oil rigs are required to undergo proper training, retired navy radio operators are in particular demand. So, if you served in the military, you should know that your chances to get this job as entry level on oil rigs are more than realistic. Average salary of oil rig radio operators resides somewhere at $US 60,000 a year.

Soon we'll provide descriptions: of Platform Constructors. If you have experience in skyscraper window washing, this position may suit you perfectly, and you may be one of those most sought after candidates, a real find for the recruiting agencies. Safety Coordinator jobs in the oil industry. To apply for this vacancy you need being good organizer and have a degree in engineering. Catering jobs on oil rigs come next, many of them are too entry level positions.

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