Jobs are available on oil rigs!

  1. Entry level oil rig vacancies available, apply online! Big oil trading corporations like Shell, BP, ExxonMobil, ChevronTexaco and others have absolutely nothing to do with hiring the entry level staff sort of roughnecks, roustabouts, or catering staff. The jobs and vacancies on their oil rigs are by recruiting agencies or the HR departments of the platforms themselves and the companies like Sonatrach, Arabian Gulf Oil Company...
  2. Maritime and oil rig jobs offered by recruiting agencies that look to hire suitable people include offshore oil rig medic, another entry level position allowing to get one's foot in the door of the oil industry. In fact, you don't have to be a physician. Having a diploma of a nurse with 2 years of experience in emergency medicine and holding CPR/First Aid certificates can be enough. Oil rig medic's responsibilities include having sufficient expertise to be able to diagnose different health problems.
  3. Rig electrician training courses or programs currently available can be short term or prolonged ones that require on site training that could last for as long as a year. After completing the said program you get certificate or a diploma that gives you authority to work on oil rigs. Normally rig electrician training program/course is being offered as extension to the base course and typically they require the completion of hands-on tasks to ensure practical experience being mastered.
  4. There is a lot of recruiting companies in Houston seeking candidates to fill oil rig vacancies on behalf of the big oil drilling companies, as well as smaller contractors. The point is, to be successful, especially while applying for entry level job, inexperienced first timers need to chose an established service provider with expertise of the recruiting for oil and gas sector.
  5. For the UK citizens that do not need obtaining special permission for working practically in any country worldwide, overseas, or even Russia or Kazakhstan, it still is best to try entering oil drilling industry through searching oil jobs in Canada's Alberta or the USA. The Gulf of Mexico should be the most promising location. If you've been in military, especially navy, you've got huge advantage before the rest of applicants to be selected for filling that dream oil rig entry level vacancy. There's a kind of skills conversion rate between the occupations that puts the former military ahead of the rest of applicants aspiring to get available offshore oil jobs, be it rig medic, radio operator, or technical scuba diver (that could become underwater welder).
  6. Storeman on oil rigs may also be an entry level position, suitable for persons that retired from the military, since the duties and the responsibilities are basically the same: maintaining stores, receiving stocks, checking the orders, keeping the record of items coming in and going out. The entry level storeman's average salary on the offshore oil drilling rigs is $US 60,000.
  7. A mechanic entry level oil rig job in the capacity of motorman offers good opportunities for advancement within this type of oil rig jobs. The next positions you could be promoted to are assistant mechanic, mechanic, chief mechanic, maintenance supervisor, derrickman, driller, rig manager. The latter is already a management position.
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