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  1. Roustabout are the jobs that are both most sought after, as well as they are vacancies most often offered for green hand oil rig job seekers as entry level by recruiters and the oil drilling companies themselves. Though requiring no previous experience, the position of an entry level roustabout is very physically demanding and requires that the applicant be sure he is capable of working for long hours, sometimes overtime (this is excellently compensated for, though). Excellent health and good physical shape comes first for the entry level roustabout on oil rigs, especially offshore. The other hard physical labor positions such as, for example, welder or driller is less stressful and accounts for fewer overtime hours. Even if there's always something to do for welders on oil rigs, roustabouts are positions that produce much bigger workforce turnaround for the reasons that can be understood: there's always something to carry, to lift, to unload or load, to connect or disconnect like a pipe. The list of the tasks a maintenance roustabout should be ready to complete quickly and efficiently is endless, but here is where you get tested as for your ability to work hand in hand with other members of the oil platform deck crew as part of team. Many applicants fail to realize what is in fact expected from them to be done until they get involved in really delivering the tasks at oil rig.
  2. Speaking further of roustabouts, it's the lowest level job on an oil rig. This term is used to define a job of an unskilled hard physical work laborer, and it's a job that really can be dangerous, this is a position for tough guys - that's why the salary and compensation packages are more than generous. Also, getting employed as roustabout is the easiest way to get your foot in the door of the oil drilling industry, but what's even more important it can offer you an excellent start for being promoted to higher and better paid positions on the rig, provided you have adequate education, or what is even more important, are capable to learn things quickly. If not this, roustabout may count to be promoted to similar position, though considered senior - roughneck.
  3. While job in offshore oil drilling might not be what immediately comes to a young man's mind who is considering the field to make career in, there are lots of young persons who just overlook it, since for them it may be just ideal. If hard physical work is what you enjoy doing, if you like travelling to distant locations and different countries across the world off whose shores oil rigs and sea based oil drilling facilities are located, if you like having much free time working by shifts and then spend the rest of time either to have a lavish lifestyle or work for additional income, since it's free, then a career on oil rigs is definitely for you, and you can get it very quickly with no previous experience needed, if you just qualify. The entry level oil rig jobs are available in Australia, Norway, South Africa, Canada, the USA, Gulf of Mexico, and many, many other locations in the world. Getting in can be difficult, but after you are there and have proved yourself, there's a host op opportunities to get promoted with the sky being the limit. Many oil rig managers started once as simple roustabouts, and then made their career way up the ladder to the very top. Read more about opportunities on oil rig workforce market - it's for the people that are not just strong, but also ambitious.
  4. If you are a resident of the USA or have a permit to get full time employed in America there are excellent oil jobs in Texas for the taking, and Texas oil fields are generally what people in America think about when hearing about the oil rigs and the big money that can be earned while working on oil rigs. But those are mostly land based jobs, while offshore oil jobs are to be sought elsewhere. Consider companies performing drilling for Chevron offshore, or BP offshore oil rigs, which are the major players on the market and therefore the most appropriate place to start. The known brand names like BP, Chevron, Petrobras, Canadian Natural Resources Limited, CNOOC or China's PetroChina delegates the task of exploration the deposits of the gas and oil to others, like the Diamond that specialize actually in oil drilling and it is with them that you'll be able to find the entry level offshore oil rig jobs including, but not limited to roustabout or roughneck vacancies.
  5. Greenhand roustabout trainee. For EU citizens that speak good English, there are 4 main locations to get trained and hired for roustabout jobs - Canada, USA, Australia and the UK. Alberta in Canada and North Dakota in the USA continuously experience great shortage of hands, which makes it easiest to get hired there. Even if you've got none of the experience of working on the oil rigs previously, if you are an applicant that is strongly motivated, normally oil drilling companies will offer you enrollment on specialized training courses and get you trained free of charge for all the certifications that are required for starting a career on oil rigs. Having got employed once at entry level, you'll have no problem the second time employment with another oil rig company.
  6. Getting entry level employment for position in the offshore oil industry viewing it as starting point for excellent career on oil rigs is exactly how many known oil rig top managers began their climbing up the ladder in oil rigs or offshore. And the positions they actually started with were roughneck, that's what you will find them even currently state proudly in their CV's. Have your resumé composed and submitted to the companies that hire right away. The benefits are excellent, oil fields and rigs pay very well, but what is more to that, promotion opportunities are just fantastic. What makes this option so attractive is the fact that you don't need any college education and long years of training to get hired as roughneck or roustabout. The other vacancies considered entry level may quite surprisingly require no exceptional physical force - if you are, say, a PADI certified scuba diver, or have served as military in the army or the navy, or worked as a sailor.
  7. Looking for roustabout job vacancies can be hard, even if in fact you qualify for this type of job and could fill the vacancy successfully, as well as prove be able to complete the tasks entry level workers on oil rigs are usually charged with. The problem is you do not know where and how to look for. Still the best and the easiest ways to begin your dream job search should be looking through classified ads in the newspapers, visit website of the companies you know hiring, or submit your resumé directly to the HR departments or recruiting agents via specialized websites like Rigworker. Highly recommended to check out.
  8. A roustabout position is the job requiring very little except considerable physical force and endurance, and the job seekers will find plenty of the offerings on the Internet. The salary is excellent, ranging $US 40,000 - $US 55,000, but such salaries are never paid for nothing, remember that. Alternately called floorhand, roustabout has to be ready to substitute roughnecks during meals break, but generally has his own responsibilities as a member of the deck crew. It's good if you worked in the same position on land based oil rigs, since the requirements and the responsibilities are basically the same or at least similar while working as offshore roustabout.
  9. To enter oil and gas industry a person needs to be at least 18 years of age, physically fit and able to communicate in sufficient English. It is required to pass a medical examination and drug test, and be compliant with the the rules providing for the issuance of the work permits and/or training certification - that all is required to be hired for any of the entry level positions.
  10. It is just natural for any working man or woman to feel good about what they do for living. Regretfully, all oil rig jobs including roustabout jobs are not associated with being society and green nature friendly. Green nature activist groups like Green Peace, continuously interfere and try to get involved with the process of oil exploration in an effort to raise public awareness of existence of oil leaking threat. Meanwhile, the ever growing gas prices tend to cause the general public to see big oil companies as profit mongers. As soon as somewhere oil spill occurs, the media becomes immediately indignant over the irresponsibility of the corporations, indirectly hitting their employees and workers too.
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