Motorman jobs are available on oil rigs!

Motorman Oil Rig Jobs


The motorman on offshore oil rigs, otherwise called motorhand, is a position that is equivalent to junior mechanic or mechanic's helper in charge of maintenance, operating, diagnostics and ongoing basic repairs of motors driving different mechanisms and mechanical appliances available on board a drilling rig or oil production platform.

It is not every oil drilling facility that has a position of a motorman, on some oil rigs the motorman's functions may be assigned to one of the mechanically skilled roughnecks as part of their routine duties. From the other hand a full time motorman may be obligated to join the deck crew or substitute one of the roughnecks whenever rush or emergency occurs on one rigs, and to assist Derrickman, Driller, and even Rig Manager on others.

Offshore Job: Motorman. Vacancies currently available in Australia, Canada, Norway, South Africa, Malaysia, India, Angola, Mozambique, Alaska,

Motorman is the lowest level of oil rig mechanic jobs type. It is an entry level position whose direct responsibilities and duties are limited to motors and engines, including minor ongoing repairs thereof. Should there the necessity of larger repairs occur, rig motorman will perform it under the supervision and with the help of oil rig mechanic or assistant mechanic, which provide an excellent opportunity to learn and improve/expand one's knowledge and skills. Thus he builds up solid foundation for his own advancement in the career.

Sometimes or on some oil drilling rigs motorman is being supervised by Engine Room Operator, who is also in charge of training and instructing him as part of his responsibilities.

A mechanic entry level oil rig job in the capacity of motorman offers good opportunities for advancement within this type of oil rig jobs. The next positions you could successively be promoted to are assistant mechanic, mechanic, engine room operator (ERO), chief mechanic, maintenance supervisor, derrick man, driller, rig manager. The latter is already a management position.

Salary and Advancement Opportunities

Once you got expertise of having worked as oil rig motorman for a couple of years, you can then get promoted to the position of assistant mechanic on the same oil drilling rig. Motorman's salary on the offshore oil rigs is somewhere around $US 40,000 - 45,000, but may be increased with hands-on training going on and experience growing, or if having to work at remote locations.

Motorman oil rig jobs

Skilled motormen are always in a high demand on both land based and offshore oil rigs, and oil rig job recruiters are constantly on look out for good motorman to fill the motorman or related vacancies requiring motorman skills. Those can be, for example, positions such as Field Service Technician.

The oil drilling companies that had hired people for a position of a motorman or to work in a related entry level oil rig position recently included Ensign International Energy Services (job placement in Queensland, Australia). Another employer known to be hiring motorhands to work offshore Canada is Calgary, Alberta based Savanna Energy.

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