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Entry level oil rig vacancies - tips for getting hired


Entry level oil rig jobs are hard to land considering that in recession time the competition among that dream job seekers is like at wartime. It's highly recommended and advised by numerous oil platform veterans - former roughnecks, that when submitting application for your very first roustabout job you hope to get on offshore oil rigs, do not by any chance forget to highlight that even if you have no prior experience of working on sea based oil rigs, you are still not new and unaccustomed to hard manual labor and have expertise of handling different mechanical appliances.

Having BOSIET or HUET certifications is by no means to be regarded as a huge advantage for potential greenhands, because these are the very first things the people in HR departments and recruiting agencies scan the resunés for. Most of the resumés containing the keywords BOSIET or HUET will be shortlisted automatically - did you know that?

Another tip: if you are University or College educated and hold the adequate degree, but are applying for the entry level position as roustabout, be wise enough to omit that. You would ask why? Because the oil rig hiring experts will most likely make conclusion you are too educated to meet requirements set for inexperienced hard labor, where it is more important that you are physically strong and able to work hard for long hours rather than trained for a more qualified position on offshore oil extraction platforms of drilling rigs.

Are you really alcohol and drug free? Drug tests won't fail to show immediately if you are not for at least 3 years after quitting, mind that, and do not waste your time and money if you have this problem.

Most UK oil drilling companies hiring entry level workforce like roustabouts, electricians, medics, or even galleyhands that work in catering, would pay special attention whether the applicant have mentioned in their resumé they hold BOSIET certificate, and especially whether candidate for filling entry level oil rig vacancy have completed Greenhand course at their own expense. That's an average price of Greenhand training course with independent company. This point is very important, because if you took it separately, you automatically save the UK's oil companies the lump price worth £UK 3500.

By having completed the Greenhand course before applying, you eliminate the risk the oil drilling companies would expose themselves to by having to train yourself in vain for free, while from the other hand there's no guarantee this or that oil job applicant will be hired for oil platform job, even if he got trained as oil rig Greenhand worker.

It's that simple: from one hand you theoretically increase your chances of being hired, while from the other hand you could be passing that course beforehand with no assurance you wouldn't simply qualify, considering you don't possess experience of having having worked (i. e. haven't proved you'd be able to work on offshore oil drilling platforms. Again, having the set of the certifications needed for performing job on oil rigs, you still risk being rejected.

For the UK citizens that do not need obtaining special permission for working practically in any country worldwide, overseas, or even Russia or Kazakhstan, it still is best to try entering oil drilling industry through searching jobs in Canada's Alberta or the USA. The Gulf of Mexico should be the most promising location. If you've been in military, especially navy, you've got huge advantage before the rest of applicants to be selected for filling that dream oil rig entry level vacancy. There's a kind of skills conversion rate between the occupations that puts the former military ahead of the rest of applicants aspiring to get available offshore oil jobs, be it rig medic, radio operator, or technical scuba diver (that could become underwater welder). Among most lucrative positions is offshore crane operator.

Training Programs for Rig Electricians

Oil rig electricians are another entry level oil rig position.

There are oil platform electrician training programs available that any aspiring rig employee or worker could enroll in order to increase their chances of getting hired entry level with good prospects of pursuing a successful oil career and then get advanced for higher and more responsible positions in the industry.

You can't get entry level electrician job on offshore oil rig without completing one of the available rig electrician training programs, and there are the options as for the duration of the course. The duration can vary dramatically, some of them being a couple of weeks long, while others are more solid and therefore last up to two years and result in getting oil drilling wise certification equivalent to University diploma.

Rig electrician training programs are considered to be a very specialized type of electrical training and may be offered as an advanced course, certification training program or as a separate degree or diploma program. Most rig electrician training programs include both theoretical and practical components and require students to complete hands-on tasks so that they can demonstrate competence in their field. Students who successfully complete a rig electrician training program typically earn a certificate of completion or a diploma.

What makes these electrician training programs similar is that all of them are designed and tailored to train students for performing oil rig jobs in most effective manner.

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Most employers will negotiate the eligible electrician salary at the closing phase of the interview hiring process, considering available certifications, credentials, and references wherever available. Can vary between $US 50,000 - $US 150,000 per annum.

Electrical Maintenance Chief Electrician is a person that normally holds Diploma of a recognized school, followed by 2 5 years of experience on oil production or exploration facility in a related or the next-to-chief position. Position of the Electrical Chief Maintenance Electrician is in charge of ensuring that the entire electrical equipment on offshore oil rig functions as it was supposed to.

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