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Oil rig electricians' responsibilities on an oil production platform or oil drilling rig are focussed on the ongoing maintenance and troubleshooting of all electrical networks that ensure proper and steady functioning of all electrically powered appliances, engines, vehicles, motors, trucks etc. and heavy duty mechanisms used on land based and offshore oil production facilities or platforms and oil drilling rigs. The team of electricians working on oil drilling facility gets their salary for ensuring that all electrical equipment on oil rig would run smoothly and without interruptions.

Few people are aware of the fact that there exist specialized training programs for people wishing to get hired to work on offshore oil rig as entry level Electrician.

Training Programs for Oil Rig Electricians

Rig electrician training courses or programs currently available can be short term or prolonged ones that require on site training that could last for as long as a year. After completing the said program you get certificate or a diploma that gives you authority to work on oil rigs. Normally rig electrician training program/course is being offered as extension to the base course and typically they require the completion of hands-on tasks to ensure practical experience being mastered.


The programme contains an extensive overview of electrical equipment and issues associated with oil drilling units, in particular:

  • Power management of generators
  • Fault analysis
  • Elmagco brake systems
  • Instrumentation interface
  • Generic maintenance procedures
  • Assistance required for the installation and upgrade of equipment
  • Hazardous-area equipment selection and specification
Successful students get a rig electrician diploma or a certificate confirming skills allowing working at sea based oil rigs and being eligible for obtaining offshore oil rig job as entry level electrician. The standard set of the skills learned encompass basic knowledge required to maintain and repair electrically driven engines, motors, and various drilling equipment by being able to troubleshoot and fix the common problems caused by failures due to electrical faults of oil drilling devices. Those participants of rig electric training courses that show the aptitude in course of learning, receive invaluable job placement opportunities within oil production rigs in particular, and within oil & gas industry in general.

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Aberdeen Electrician Jobs and Top Electrician Career Opportunities

Offshore electrician crew members belong to the maintenance department. Chief electrician is in charge and offshore electricians are his direct subordinates that report to him directly. Shift duration is 12 hours a day, sometimes overtime, 2 - 4 weeks weeks offshore followed by the same number of day offs on shore. Get helped by the recruiting web site to secure oil rig electrician job placement for you. Rig electrician duties are to do with maintenance of the electrical equipment, servicing and maintenance of mobile portable high-voltage switching equipment, handling the electrical emergencies. Should be physically fit and ready to work overtime. Maintenance electricians are in high demand to fill various vacancies on offshore oil drilling platforms, and the salaries are exceptionally high and rewarding, should you be lucky to secure job on offshore oil rigs in Australia, California USA, Aberdeen UK, North Sea offshore Norway.

Offshore Oil Rigs that employ entry level maintenance electricians

There's an increased need currently for offshore oil rig maintenance electricians worldwide. To have authority for working with electrical drilling equipment it is required to have had prior experience of working on oil production platform or drilling rig, it's preferable, but expertise in the related field can do, proper certifications like OPITO approved safety course will increase applicant's chances of getting hired exponentially, at least for starting as apprentice oil rig electrician or assistant electrician. Employment opportunities for maintenance electricians on offshore oil rigs are numerous, especially if travelling to distant parts of the world (Angola, Mozambique, Nigeria, Dubai, Persian Gulf, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Russia, Kazakhstan, Norway) is not what you are against.

Oil rig electrician salary / wages

According to a friend of mine who works as a Chief Engineer for Transocean, an ordinary electrician working on oil rig can expect making around 150k a year. Many people on the forums confirmed that is true. Anyway, the other sources would normally cite the figure of $US 50,000 to $US 70,000 per year. The real salaries they earn on offshore rigs seem to remain hidden.

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