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Oil Rig Recruitment Agencies Now Accept Resumés Online

Have your resumeé e-mailed to hundred of oil companies HR departments and professional recruiters with a click of your computer mouse! See, who is hiring for entry level vacancies / physically demanding positions requiring no previous experience on offshore platforms drilling sea bed to discover oil natural deposits. Find out who else recruits besides the Nisku, AB, Canada Precision Drilling Corporation. New entry level oil rig jobs are continuously available not just in the United States and Canada, but also worldwide. Oil drilling jobs offer competitive salaries, fantastic benefits packages, much free time - in fact you work only half a year - and very good advancement opportunities for all rig workers regardless of the position they have been hired for originally.


Entry level oil rig jobs in catering pay exceptionally well while not requiring any college education. If selected by HR or recruiting agent, the candidates for filling vacancies like simple dishwashers will be trained at site for duties that include washing pots, dishes, and operating dish washing machines. Even this lowest job placement in an oil rig catering department offers salary of up to $US 800 per week and is subject for an advancement. Eventually you may become even a camp boss!

Some companies and websites that recruit or offer applicants assistance in finding those legitimately recruiting for oil rigs

It's not big oil and gas companies like ESSO or BP that hire for oil rigs, but smaller companies involved in oil exploration or recruiting agencies/departments that work for them. Here's just a short list of the recruiters Cape Town Bubble Recruitment - recruits personnel for working on cruise liners and oil rigs in South Africa and worldwide; Wind Rose Network in Spain - works under the laws and regulations of Spain and EU. Offers employment and jobs on oil rigs, merchant vessels and cruise ships; Oilfield Workers Registry; SEEK - lets you find mining and oil & gas jobs in Australia, for example off shore QLD, Perth etc.; Kuwait Monster Gulf - oil and gas jobs in Kuwait, including entry level like roustabout/roughneck and inexperienced personnel in catering; Transocean Norway and Transocean Brazil; Transocean also offer oil rig employment in other parts of the world. You may be contacted by a Transocean legit agent if you contacted one of their local recruiting offices, preferably in person, for employment information. Recently they needed: Electrician, Maintenance Supervisor, OIM-Offshore Installation Manager- 6th Generation, Subsea Supervisor, Toolpusher, Welder; Oil rigs and oil drilling vessels that they operate to drill for oil internationally: Sedco 706, GSF Celtic Sea, Discoverer Luanda.

What happens after interview

After having passed their interview successfully, the candidates without prior practical experience of working on offshore oil rigs will normally be offered to attend a brief professional orientation course for further pre-employment assessment. The duration of such course is 2-3 days. It is the next stage of the established practice of the recruitment process for entry level oil rig positions. It is obligatory and can't be skipped, although attending doesn't mean you'll necessarily be hired as roustabout or, say, a kitchen helper in the catering department. The pre-orientation course is meant to give the eligible applicants a better idea of what the life and working conditions, clothing, instrumentation etc. on oil rigs at sea are like. The most essential parts of the course include getting certified to work with hazardous materials (WHMIS) and undergoing physical fitness and drug tests. As for the actually being trained for doing job, that's what you get already in the course of working along with other deck crew members on oil rig.

Offshore Oil Rig Nursing Career Opportunities

An offshore oil rig medic is another entry level position to get your foot in the door of the oil industry. In fact, you don't have to be a physician. Having a diploma of a nurse with 2 years of experience in emergency medicine and holding CPR/First Aid certificates can be enough for recruiters to get yourself shortlisted. Oil rig medic's responsibilities include having sufficient expertise to be able to diagnose different health problems, disorders or conditions, prescribe on site medication and treatment, keeping medical records, and, if needed, ensure transportation to an onshore hospital whenever emergency or serious accident occur; other responsibilities include on-going training of the people on the board on the life saving procedures and first aid and be responsible for maintenance of necessary stock of medical supplies/equipment. The oil rig medic is also in charge of scheduled and timely reporting of the matters within the scope of his/her responsibilities. Requirements may slightly differ, anyway. For the UAE they are not the same as, for example, for Norway, Angola, India, or the offshore UK North Sea oil rigs or vessels. Considering the personnel is generally very healthy, especially those in immediate contact with mechanisms and outdoors like roughnecks, roustabouts, derrickman, scaffolders, painters etc. the oil rig medic's job can be called less stressful, though responsible. Anyway, some of the known oil drilling contractors like Smedvig, Diamond Offshore, or Transocean Offshore are said to occasionally hire paramedics for oil rigs that do not have position called medic. Oil rig medic's salary is in the lower part of the scale, starting at $US 35,000 per year, but after 1-2 years with the same company may reach $US 45,000 or more.

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