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Oil rig catering jobs are very different from the same jobs on shore, in restaurant or a hotel, they are very demanding physically and involve lots of cleaning up. Examples of the catering positions are Steward, Night Cook / Baker, Camp Boss, Chef, Catering Manager, Kitchen Cleaner, Pot Washer (entry-level position that requires no previous experience), Waiter, Kitchen Utility, Floorhand, Galleyhand.

This section of the website is dedicated to helping the aspiring rig workers profit from getting some free and unbiased basic information on what they need, both men and women, to land that very first oil rig job of their own. Getting employed on the oil rigs requires dedication, the wish to learn and get some training wherever necessary, and to adopt the right approach to result in getting successfully hired. The starters fail to realize that the best chance of landing oil rig job depends on whether people willing to work as roustabouts or roughnecks understand that it's the drilling companies that operate oil drilling rigs, both offshore and land based, across the world.

Did you know that:

Big oil trading corporations like Shell, BP, ExxonMobil, ChevronTexaco and others have absolutely nothing to do with hiring the entry level staff sort of roughnecks, roustabouts, or catering staff. The jobs and vacancies on their oil rigs are by recruiting agencies or the HR departments of the platforms themselves and the companies like Sonatrach, Arabian Gulf Oil Company, Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, Petrobras, Canadian Natural Resources Limited, PetroKazakhstan, Devon Energy, Occidental Petroleum, Bahrain Petroleum Company, Essar Oil, Pakistan Petroleum, Qatar Petroleum, Saudi Arabia Saudi Aramco, Origin Energy, BHP Billiton, Todd Energy, Santos, Maersk Oil, OMV, Naftna Industrija Srbije, and many, many others. You just need to know where and how properly apply to get your very first oil rig job.

Remember: there are companies in oil and gas industry that do not do any research of natural recourses, they are involved only in processing the crude oil on the refineries they own, so trying to apply with them about getting job on the oil platforms is mere waste of your precious time. Get hired with the companies like the Transocean.

The age of oil rig workers

As for the age of people that can work on oil rigs, there's truly no age limit and the age isn't an issue, even for the workers that are not skilled like catering assistant, maintenance roustabout or roughneck, there are some that continue working after they have reached the age of being 60 years old. As for the minimum required age, this should be 18 years. But the average age of workers employed on offshore oil rigs is somewhere around 27 y. o. In fact, the only issues of importance are ability to pass general health (including spine x-ray) and drug test, no exceptions, and being able to work physically hard long hours.


The entry level oil rig positions don't require formal education, but they require one's ability to learn things quickly, as you go, to learn from fellow workers that comprise the team, and to be collectivist in general. If you have leadership qualities, that's an asset too, with the view of the future. Anyway, college education can help greatly, if your would like to work on oil rigs on any of the following positions: Radio Operator, Scaffolder, Welder, Medic, Painter, Mud Engineer, Storeman, Rig Safety and Training Co-ordinator (RSTC) and many others.

Practically ANY position on oil rig pays exceptionally well, even if you take an ordinary dishwasher, he/she earns $US 700-750 per week.

The oil and gas industry employs personnel in a very wide range of positions, many of which don't require any preliminary experience or training. The employees whose responsibility on oil rigs have to do with manual labor, comprise up to 35% of the whole workforce involved, while managers and administrators account for the other 65%. Should you be lucky to get employed for one of the inexperienced positions, there's always opportunity to learn. Many of the oil rigging companies run excellent training programs, you shouldn't miss the chance.


If you have been trained or have got skills working as mechanic or electrician, on oil rigs you could easily earn $55,000 to $65,000 a year for working actually half that time, because the work on oil rigs is by shifts. An adequate University or even college education can result in you successfully applying for a position of an engineer on oil rigs earning $US 80,000 a year. Consider, neither of the above mentioned is a management or administrative position. What is required from you, is only diligently performing your responsibilities up to what's reasonable expected from an honest worker employed at entry level on oil rigs, be it in Australia, Angola, or Canada. Oil rig jobs pay exceptionally well, especially when it comes to offshore oil drilling. These jobs pay double if not triple for equivalent positions on the continent, even for those with little or no at all experience, provided they succeed to put their foot in the door and beet competitors. Be ambitious.

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Offshore Catering Jobs, Entry Level

Besides the personnel that deals with drilling oil and gas wells and servicing the facilities equipment, all offshore oil rigs are in need of the auxiliary staff, otherwise called offshore catering crew that ensure the everyday life needs of the main oil rig workforce is catered to. Should you feel you are an experienced and good cook, there's an opportunity to get a well-paid job on offshore platforms. Good cooks are in great demand, while competition in this sector for this specific type of job is less stringent. Oil companies hire cooks continuously.

Offshore catering jobs are also considered entry level positions requiring no previous experience working on the rigs on land. The salaries paid for doing offshore catering jobs are extremely high. Even simple cook assistant or steward tidying living or feeding areas get paid starting from $US 45,000 a year. Cooks salaries start at $US 60,000 a year. Camp boss will start from getting $US 65,000.

Onshore and offshore catering oil rig job opportunities in South Africa. In the time of the recession, various high paying unusual jobs are still available, consider just oil rigs for example, both onshore and offshore drilling vacancies. Should a potential job seeker go for an onshore oil rig job or an offshore position? We are going to talk about working as a tough climate roustabout or a roughneck. If you are fit physically, the opportunities are plentiful and the wages are beyond imagination, and the oil & gas industry keeps growing, with more and more new jobs appearing in catering, like chefs jobs, or simply job related to cleaning up and doing laundry for oil rig workers. Jobs are are available for the taking.

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