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Are you considering working on an offshore oil rig?


Basically there are 3 important questions to ask to yourself still before you start your own research concerning chances of getting employed and having a career on offshore oil platforms. Wouldn't that just be a mere waste of time?

The information we suggest might be helpful for jobseekers looking for entry level oil rig jobs.

Statistically, the 3 main reasons why greenhand freshers leave their newly acquired so well paid, though entry level jobs on offshore rigs or oil production platforms either immediately after having tried, or one or so months after having started working offshore, are as following:

It's highly recommended therefore that you ask these 3 questions to yourself before considering an entry level offshore job and submitting your application for a position on oil rigs, regardless of whether you are seeking one of the physically demanding jobs like roustabout, roughneck, painter, galleyhand or a less stressful vacancy like rig medic, electrician, or radio operator:

If you can't say with confidence you don't feel confused or strongly hesitant while answering these questions in favor of getting hired, then working in offshore drilling is what you better do not even try. It would be best to test by modelling the situations we've described and only then admit you're sure you wish to face them.

Work on Australia rigs

First Aid Certificate is the least what is required to make your chances realistic when applying for Australia offshore oil rig jobs. Most deck crew workers are also required other valid certifications such as OPITO (Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Organization) approved BOSIET certification.

It is essential that applicants for oil rig jobs in Australia hold legal permit to work in Australia

Most popular oil rig jobs currently advertised as vacant:

  • Electrical Maintenance Technician
  • Offshore Oil Rig Welder
  • Rig Superintendent
  • Drilling Supervisor (Foreman)
  • Drilling Rig Mechanic/Inspector - Australia
  • Radio Operators, Electricians
  • Drilling Supervisor
  • CSG/SIS Directional Driller (Brisbane, AUSTRALIA)
  • Chief Rig Mechanics, 2 positions
  • Drilling Supervisor Australia 4/4 Rotation
  • Assistant Drillers
  • Rig Managers & Drillers, Queensland
  • Motorman (Offshore)
  • Mechanical/Drilling Equipment Inspector
  • Subsea Engineer Assistant
  • Well Site Supervisor (Singapore)
  • Toolpusher, no experience
  • Drilling Engineer (Aberdeen)
  • Roustabouts and roughnecks

Statoil hires for working on oil platforms in Norway directly. Announcement found on Statoil ASA's website reads: If you are interested in working on an oil platform please contact Statoil ASA in Norway directly.

The latter can be obtained by enrolling to the correspondent courses available in many countries (for example, Maritime Safety courses run in Lafayette, by Louisiana University or similar OPITO approved course by Texas Engineering Extension Service of the Texas A&M University in the USA), and completing one of such courses will be a huge asset for applicants without prior experience of working on offshore oil drilling platforms still at the stage of submitting their resumé for an unskilled position, normally roustabout. For skilled or properly trained workers, they may count to get in Australia an even better job with adequately bigger salary, such as assistant driller or driller, motorman, mechanic, electricians, mechanics, firefighters, cooks in catering department, or even engineering positions in certain cases.

You will very soon discover that safety and survival issues are taken very seriously on any Australia oil rig or oil production platform. In any case, once hired, every employee or worker gets updated routinely on how to behave should an emergency occur, some require staff participate in routine emergency training sessions modelling different hazardous situations.

On Australia offshore oil rigs, most positions have a schedule of working on 12 hour shifts, alternating day and night time. Expect to work overtime - you'll be compensated generously, though.

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Recruiters. Who's Recruiting/Hiring in Australia?

PTTEP Australasia (PTTEP AA), Thailand's largest publicly listed oil & gas exploration and production company that currently has around 40 active oil patch development projects around the world, does offshore drilling for Australia and possesses 21 exploration permits in Australia - that means demand for new workforce continuously.

Monadelphous - constantly looking for skilled overseas individuals willing to work in oil and gas industry both on shore and offshore Australia on oil production platforms and drilling/exploration rigs. Has just filled welding inspector positions for working in oil and gas industry in Western Australia.

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