Jobs are available on oil rigs!

Jobs in the drilling industry are plentiful. Many positions are still vacant.

There's a good chance you've noticed interesting offshore oil rig physical jobs offers in California or in the Gulf


Provided that you qualify as candidate, finding offshore oil drilling job placement is less difficult a process than one could expect, even if your experience or skills that you posses are not with oil rigs, but within related industries. If it's a maritime job like a sailor, or if you were previously in military (especially navy), your chances are exceptionally good. Be ready to invest some of your precious time, a bit of patience and some thinking into composing a good resumé and submitting it to the HR or better other department that is in direct charge of operating the entire oil rig.

What applicants with oil drilling related experience and with no relevant experience alike can expect after getting job on offshore oil rigs

It is important that an applicant that wishes to get employment with oil rigs realizes what qualities he or she must possess. Because oil drilling industry's salaries and the benefits offered to successful candidates are so good, the competition for getting them is so severe, and those applying should be sure they are ready to perform in their position as oil companies expect from them.

Rig Electrician Jobs

Recruiters for oil rigs: TASC Outsourcing

TASC Outsourcing is an outsourcing company known to recruit people for working in offshore drilling industry of the UAE (UAE, India and US and the rest), India and USA, mainly for newly launched platforms and semi-submersible and submersible jack-up oil drilling rigs. The company's consultants boast over 17 year long experience within the oil & gas and energy sectors. The company claims with them you could save up to 40% time needed for hiring or getting hired for different positions. They provide a platform for both employers and oil rig vacancy applicants to meet effectively each other. Job seekers have opportunity to post their CV's and upload their Resumés in real time. They maintain their own proprietary databases of candidates and jobseekers and largely work through referrals they get from their existing network of the current and past employees, as well as in close partnership with other companies and hiring agents outsourcing workforce for working on offshore oil rigs worldwide. The TASC recruiter website is not a place to look for entry level jobs like roughneck, roustabout, or simple oil rig electrician with, though these jobs are available at the oil drilling companies they represent, whether in the Middle East or elsewhere.

For the most part, positions that are available on offshore oil rigs, require candidates being fit and in good physical shape, because even in catering positions the work can be physically demanding. Be ready to pass extensive physical testing as a part of the hiring process. It goes without saying that you must be drug free, not alcohol dependant, an capable to endure working in isolated and distant place, far away from family and friends.

Accommodations on oil rigs are very good, comparable to the conditions you can find in a five star hotel at luxury resort, thought you may be required to share room with one, two, or even three other workers.

Oil Rig Electrician

Position of the Electrician on oil rig requires expertise of working in a related field, not necessarily offshore oil rigs. Electrician on oil rig is responsible for routine maintenance and non-routine repairs of electrical and electronic equipment of the rig. Education required is at least High School Diploma/Electrical Trade Certificate. Salaries with different oil rigs may vary, but there's the rig electricians wages scale as it appeared in 2009: Electrician $US 8634, Chief Electrician - $US 9907, Electr. Supervisor $US 11,099 (Average monthly gross, but add 25% for working overtime, and you'll have). Someone on another forum said that for oil rig electrician working with Transocean, the company that had drilled the BP's exploded oil well in the Gulf of Mexico, it's absolutely realistic to be earning salary resulting 150 K per year, if you include all bonuses.

Oil and rig hiring and job placement facts

Did you know that the process of drilling an average oil well requires and investment somewhere around $US 100,000,000, while there is no guarantee to hit oil reserve? Such empty wells are called dusters. One successful drilling can cover easily the expenses of having invested into ending with having drilled a duster. It's both because of those huge profits, as well as because of the dangerous nature of work on offshore rigs that oil drilling companies are willing to pay this impressive salaries even to their low rank rig workers like inexperienced roustabout, deckhand, roughneck, electrician, medic, or someone in catering like chef, camp boss, or entry level galley hand that don't have do directly with oil drilling process but who are still necessary for successful work of oil drilling crew on board and underwater.

It's understandable therefore why the oil exploration companies are interested to save on training the new staff, instead preferring to hire people with prior experienced of having been aboard oil rig rather than having worked in related fields. Having prior experience of working an offshore rig actually in any position increases your chances of getting hired easily the next time you apply, the real value of the experience is that it opens door for you to profit from endless opportunities of the advancement to higher paid and more qualified positions on oil rigs.

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Next we are going to speak about rig manager jobs in Abu Dhabi, oil rig offshore jobs in Saudi Arabia, rig safety engineer jobs in Abu Dhabi, and the Chief Rig Electrician with experience in maintenance of drilling rig and oil wells equipment in Qatar. This is the position that requires proper education, namely Electro-mechanical Engineer or Electrical degree.

Another recruiter that recruits for oil rigs

Makkati city, Manila metropolitan area, Philippines located Ikon Solutions that we are going to review shortly, is a full service overseas recruitment agency that recruits personnel from the Philippines, for oil & gas drilling industry to work on oil rigs, including entry level positions, in the Middle East, Hong-Kong, Malaysia, Australia, Singapore and Macau. Besides the Philippines, the agency has offices in Hong Kong and Macau.

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