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When we talk here about the jobs in oil & gas industry, it is implied that we mean only the jobs pertaining to exploring and drilling for oil, i.e. employment on oil rigs or with oil drilling companies.

It's understandable why almost every big oil drilling company tend to claim they plan reducing number of the workers they employ for the oil rigs they plan to put into operation, while from the other hand the smaller oil drilling and oil exploration companies keep hiring workers for new positions. The bigger companies are those that are known to the general public and do not require much publicity. That's them that from time to time announce their plans of the lay-offs. In many cases that's just kind of professional trick designed to disallow falling their share prices. The truth is that the smaller, privately owned oil drilling companies that own or operate oil well drilling rigs try to grow their operational capacities while the recession is still here. That's a good chance for them to outstrip the others in the course of competition. Here you get the explanation why regardless of the recession there are so many oil rig jobs to apply for, and this guide is intended to show job seekers where to look for real oil rig jobs for inexperienced entry level laborers or the professionals that have related skills, training, or education, though their experience comes from working outside oil and gas industry.

Oil Rig Recruitment Agencies: Are they for real?

Should you occur to you to get contacted with job offer from the Internet, there's always a risk of scam, especially if recruitment is for offshore oil rigs. One of the typical defraud schemes starts with conman making a contact with a desperate job seeker by e-mail. What makes the situation really confusing is that this is in the same way that the legitimate operate as well. The question is: what to do to identify the scam attempt and distinguish between the real oil rig job offers and the fraudulent?

Just try to find the answers to the following questions:

Is it an oil rig job with the location in Nigeria? Is the recruiter (or someone posing as recruiter) based in Nigeria? If so, then can you see that company on the list of legitimate Nigerian companies? Unless you have someone who could help you clarify these important points, it's better to refrain from dealing with the Nigerian job offers. Is there a direct or indirect request of money? Approved recruiting agencies selecting candidates for filling oil rig vacancies get paid by the companies, not by candidates, if the fee is not only for helping you to write your resumé. This is not applicable to to job search sites that do not offer mediation between you and a potential employer operating oil rigs.

Some of the recruitment agencies hiring for oil rigs offshore Australia: TRS Staffing Pty Ltd, Workscan Recruitment. Contract Personnel (Aust) P/L, The Engineer, Downing Teal, Hays-Montrose Sydney, Execom Personnel, Gerard Daniels Australia. Workgateways. Tru Personnel.

Entry Level Jobs

Roustabouts, Assistant Roustabouts, Scaffolders, Painters, Materials man, Medics are all entry level positions that can be filled by people that got no previous experience of working on offshore oil rigs. The other entry level positions are such as, for example, mudman, medic, radio operator, welder, scuba diver, or different jobs in catering department like chef or cook; these do require adequate experience, but do not require candidate having previously worked necessarily on oil rigs.

Catering Jobs on Oil Rigs

The people that would rather work on an offshore oil rig doing job that requires less working physically, catering jobs like doing laundry helping cooks and bakers in the kitchen area as part of catering crew, may turn out a very good option, especially if you try to get hired for the first time as entry level personnel without prior experience. Galley hand, steward, or dishwasher are just some of less physically demanding positions that require no previous oil rig work experience.


Roustabout - earns around $US 300 a day, which translates at least to $US 45,000 a year for working only 6 months net. That's excellent for unskilled labor. Besides good salary you've got advancement opportunities. Your next positions could be roughneck or driller. A Driller's salary on the oil rigs can be in excess of $US 100,000 per annum. Mud Engineers is another both well paid and less stressful position with salary of $US 75,000 per year. Getting trained at a Mud School is required for this position. Mud Schools are few because of a small number of people looking for this type of oil rig job.

Your very first job at offshore oil fields

Offshore oil rig work is both well paid and hard to get for the first timers. Good understanding of specifics, getting proper certifications and attending pre-employment courses are what your oil rig job seeker strategies should be based on. Doing the things the right way can be crucial for your getting employed quickly, especially if you are looking to work as an entry level inexperienced roustabout that didn't even work in a related industry.

Offshore work schedule

Be ready to work long hours, a 12 hours long shift is considered standard on offshore oil drilling facilities. The workers stay on the offshore rig for as long as 2 weeks working hard. Instead most of the oil rig positions are entitled for the same time onshore, if not more days in case of having worked overtime. With some of the positions you work longer, while with others less. Whatever is the case, you'll have at least 6 months a year of time off.

Makro Technologies Oil Rig Operator in Newark, New Jersey.

Several new offshore locations along the eastern Gulf of Mexico and the north coast of Alaska may be opened to oil drilling for the 1-st time. According to the existing planning, New Jersey northward coastline located sites would stay for some time free of the oil and gas drilling, as well as the shore spanning from Mexico to Canada. New drilling sites are to be explored in the Arctic Ocean north from Alaska and become eligible for oil drilling after some scientifically backed estimates and research, providing more offshore oil rig job placements for both experienced and inexperienced oil drilling workforce. Oil rig job openings in Alaska would be not just limited to oil rig laborer or roustabout jobs.

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