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Oil rig jobs in Oklahoma

According to the Oklahoma Department of Commerce' experts on economy, the oil and gas and oil rig jobs rank sixth on the list of the most sought after jobs in Oklahoma city. If you are young and physically fit, and are looking to earn good money quickly, it might make sense to think about pursuing a career in Oklahoma oil drilling industry. Careers on oil rigs of Oklahoma show stability, never disappearing from the top list of the best jobs that can be found in OKC, even if you never worked on the oil rigs previously, and do not have relevant education or training.

Another reason to consider a career change in favor of the working on oil rigs of Oklahoma must be the stability associated with this type of job. Because the state's economy rely to very big extent on the oil including crude oil exploration and production, there are always vacancies available in this sector. But what is best of all, there are many vacancies for unexperienced workers like roustabouts, which is the most popular entry level job that doesn't require any prior experience of working on oil rigs not only in Oklahoma or Texas, but across entire industry as well. If you care to get trained or educated in oil drilling, your opportunities as candidate will be simply brilliant with the employment practically guaranteed before your resumeé has been sent out to potential employers.

Oklahoma oil rig jobs location

Of course, practically all oilfield jobs are located beyond the boundaries the OKC metropolitan area, but many oil drilling companies have their representative or even main offices in the city, which means you may apply and bring your CV to them in person, simply by walking in.

Employment in Oklahoma City has seen its ups and downs, so employees often focus on stability. As many opt to return to higher education or technical schools to prepare for a change, it helps to analyze which careers appear to be leading OKC. The study has revealed new opportunities for the technicians and engineers trained or educated in the industries that can be categorized as related to oil drilling and refining. It may have sense fort them to switch over to oil rigs in search for better paid vacancies they could successfully fill.

Happy customer reports in his blog:

I just got that magic phone call. The woman on the phone said "You are part of the crew going to Nigeria". There are no words that can describe the happiness I am feeling right now. My first trip out to sea on an oil platform. This is what I have been waiting for, and for so long.

I am going to a drill ship known as the Poseidon (in the picture below) owned by Ocean-Rig. This position will be in Nigeria as a General Assistant doing cleaning work. This is the beginning of my offshore career. I should be leaving somewhere around the 20th of June 2012. I will be on a normal 28/28 rotation.

Once I get to the rig, I will keep my blog up to date on what its like, how it's going.

Oil Rig Electrical Jobs in Cleveland, OH, United States, Penzance. In the UK cities like Aberdeen. Details on oil rig electrical jobs come soon. Drill rig operator jobs in South Africa and Abu Dhabi is next.

If you are completely new to looking for oil rig employment, here's some information and advice that could be useful for job seekers without experience:

Take time to do your own research on the Internet first, instead of sending out your resumeé at random to employers' HR departments that may even be not doing any oil drilling or operate oil rigs in Oklahoma. Start with one company, if failed, proceed to the next oil rig. It may be good to discover what deliberation process within a specific company that hires people for entry level oil rig jobs like inexperienced roustabout with no training at all, or people with training or education like medic, mechanic, motorman, electrician, electronic, mud engineer, or roughneck (though unskilled, this is not entry level job). Knowing who's a real hiring decision maker in the company may turn our highly beneficial for putting you ahead of other applicants for the same position. Don't overlook searching local newspapers for oil job openings, you'll be amazed to discover that oil rig jobs from smaller companies drilling for oil across Oklahoma and Texas are much easier to land than with big players.

Search Wilshire stock index for the companies drilling for oil in Oklahoma, offshore Texas and New Jersey. Find out more about: Devon Energy. Chesapeake Energy.

Offshore oil rig vacancies and job search

Offshore oil drilling jobs pay considerably better than similar positions. Like vessels and some other sea based installations and facilities, offshore oil rigs fall under the maritime law. Another thing that is important is understanding there are some certifications to acquire even to be eligible to step down the deck as crew member of an offshore oil drilling platform. First Aid Certificate, Offshore Survival Certificate and Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET) is what every applicant for entry level offshore oil rig position should think of ahead of time. Some time may be needed for vaccinations, but without these you'll never be allowed to start you oil drilling career, be it Texas, Oklahoma, in Canada that is adjacent to the USA, or anywhere across the globe regardless of location. It is highly recommended to make sure you meet the necessary requirements before starting sending out your resumé. Also it can be very helpful if you enroll at least to one of oil industry jobs related programs of training and to have that point mentioned in a clear, outstanding manner in your CV.

Soon we are going to review the vacancies available on the rigs of the following oilfields in Oklahoma:

South Macomb Oil Field, location: Pottawatomie Co. Alamo Oil Field. Blackwell Southeast Oil and Gas Field. East Bearden Oil Field in Okfuskee county. Rich Valley Oil Field, Grant. Ringwood Oil Field, Alfalfa Co. South Alabama Oil and Gas Field, location: Hughes.

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