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So, you ask how to get hired on offshore oil rigs, if you do not have any prior experience? That's really a question, and don't listen to those that say you could get offshore right away and start working from scratch if only you're at least 18 years old (minimum age for working on offshore oil rigs) and have excellent health. I would call that a naive, a completely unrealistic approach.

What you need to have additionally, is some experience in a related field, and the more related your experience, the better chances of entering offshore oil drilling industry. If you don't have expertise of working in a related industry, my advice is that you invest some time into obtaining it.

The best action you can take in such situation, is going to work at land based oil rigs. With land based oil drilling the responsibilities for the majority of the positions are basically the same, but jobs on land based oil rigs are less dangerous and less demanding. Moreover, there are lots of vacancies available, and the best thing to that is that the land based oilfiedls are in constant need of the fresh workforce either, and with them your chances of getting entry level job as inexperienced roustabout are absolutely realistic. You may get hired as roustabout and provided you discover that the general laborer's physically demanding job is what you really can do, you may expect to get promoted to roughneck's position in as little as 6 months, or even be charged with supervisory functions or be appointed leader of a small 3-4 men group working closely together. This done, you will be able no further note in your resumé that you've got very positive experience working in land based oil drilling. The land based jobs are plentiful, since there are many onshore oil rigs that hire, for example, in North Dakota. Trinidad 36 operated by the Continental Resources, NABORS B08 by Whiting Oil and Gas Corp., UNIT 329 operated by Petro Hunt LLC, PATTERSON 311 oil rig set by the XTO Energy Inc. oil drilling company drilling the well named MARIANA TRUST 12X-20H, NABORS 455 oil rig operated by Samson Resources co are only some of nearly 200 active oil rigs drilling for oil reserves across North Dakota oil fields.

The way oil well drilling works

Before offshore oil extraction starts, the exploration needs to be made by the geologists that have been specially trained and educated. They use seismic surveys, which involve planting and exploding underground charges. The sound waves created by these explosions can be read using instruments like a seismograph, and by studying the seismic response, a map of the geological structures in the surrounding area can be made. These maps are invaluable for predicting the location of oil.

The next stage is Drilling for oil

Meanwhile: "Roustabout ranks as the Worst Job of 2011 its second straight year in last place. Twelve-hour shifts, exposure to the elements in hostile environments, low pay, high risk of injury and isolation from loved ones for weeks at a time are just some of the factors that combine to make Roustabout the worst job of 2011."

You may get hired by just walking in and having interview in person with management of the oil rigs right at place.

Another sound advice for increasing one's chances of getting hired and getting an entry level offshore position as offshore oil rig roustabout would be to take care of getting certified beforehand in at least 2 fields like getting First Aid certificate and H2S Alive Certificate and note in your resumé that you have a Driver's License and clean driving record. These are the three most important things that oil rig recruiters pay attention to while reading the resumés of applicants without prior experience on offshore oil platforms. Hope this advice will help you outstrip the other applicants for roustabout vacancy taken the rest of qualities are equal.

The drilling industry has been affected less by the general recession compared to the other industries, and currently it even shows the signs of growth, which results in the oil rigging companies advertising more oil rig jobs than previously. That is because more oil exploration/development projects are enacted.

Crews for the new drilling rigs are awaiting being manned. Recession or no recession, top analysts predict another oil boom to explode and to last for the 20 years, think of that. While so many job seekers feel confused reflecting whether it makes sense to enter oil drilling industry, the others wonder what should be done for a successful start. The bottom line is here: provided you belong to younger age group, if hard labor is not what can intimidate or scare you away, don't even hesitate about attempting to get employed on the offshore oil rigs. you should have no trouble getting started. Especially, you you haven't yet decided, which path to follow and whether it makes sense in your specific case to go to College or University.

Getting a university degree is hardly of as big importanct for starting a quick good salaried career on offshore oil rigs. It is much preferable to think of getting some sort on technical certificate as electrician, or mechanic, a nurse, or even cook; having these along with good health could land you an entry level oil job that is less dirty and that pays from the start considerably better than working as roustabout or a roughneck.

Jobs in the catering, including entry level

The rig crew needs to eat, therefore a good cook is a position that is very important on an oil rig, even if it is auxiliary job. As for the oil rig medic, it's in a way position that can simultaneously be entry level, but at the same time belong to the rig management, because oil drilling platform medic participates in oil rig management board and reports directly to the oil rig manager. To be oil rig medic it's not even obligatory to have doctor's diploma. Moreover, medic on oil rigs can by times be not even a holder of a nurse' certificate, but only paramedic.


The same as vessels, offshore oil rigs fall under the jurisdiction of the international maritime law.


Vaccinations and and the oil rig location specific skills certifications may apply, and they differ depending on the location of a oil rig. Examples: offshore survival and firefighting course completion is required within the sea waters covered by the GB legislature. First Aid certifications can differ even within one country jurisdiction: each of Canada provinces, Alberta or BC, have their own, not to mention the US states, each of which have specified their own rules and requirements.

Think, if you have any practical experience related to the duties of becoming

Get solid basement for the rapid growth and advancement in your offshore oil drilling career from entry level up. Even persons with little or absolutely no expertise in the oil and gas drilling industry may apply for an entry-level job, typically roustabout. Regardless of the position on oil drilling rigs, offshore jobs involve hard work you are assigned to perform, but the oil rig salary is excellent. On the oil rigs, whether in Norway, North Sea UK, or offshore Australia's west provinces QLD, there are opportunity to pick up the necessary skills as you go, i. e. in the process of working on oil rigs and being part of the oil drilling process.

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