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Finding job on a South African oil rig has never been easier. With us oil drilling job seekers will learn small, but effective tricks about ways of correcting and improving your resumé, identify positions on offshore oil rigs that might suit you best, but what is even more exciting, we offer valid information about companies that are hiring for oil rig jobs, including entry-level no-experience-needed vacancies available on the offshore oil rigs worldwide. Have your resumé shot out at hundreds of the oil drilling companies HR departments, contractors, and recruiting agencies at once and have them not just notice it, but select as one deserving interview.


Whoever had an opportunity of working on offshore oil rigs, knows there exist several different types of oil drilling platforms/facilities such as submersibles, semi-submersibles, jackup platform that perform drilling wells in shallow waters, and on the contrary, the drillships designed for deepwater drilling, but their hired personnel do the jobs that are in fact very similar as for the duties, skills, and responsibilities involved. In other words, they need the same people to ensure their the continuity of their operation.

There are regional specifics, though. If you take for example South Africa, the crews on the oil rig there normally comprise 6 persons or so, each of whom is attributed their own set of the responsibilities so that together they are able to work for the success of their common goal at this or that phase of the oil drilling. Oil rigs themselves are either leased or ones belonging to the oil rig manager who got contract for drilling oil within the frame of a specific project on oil reserves exploration. The process can be lengthy. In course of drilling the mud samples are being analyzed meaning to detect the oil traces, if any. That job is being done by person called mud logger. If drilling ends in failure, the oil drilling facility is being tugged to a different location, and once at destination, the process re-starts.

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This directory lists tons of oil employment websites that display job postings placed by large and small drilling companies, well service companies, maritime and oil companies. They have a program to help you write a sharp looking resumé and will send it to 100's of companies addresses.

Here are some of them:

  • Oil and Gas Development Company Limited
  • Oil Search Limited
  • Petrohawk Energy Corporation
  • PetroKamchatka Plc [PKPZF]
  • PetroKazakhstan Inc.
  • Petrominerales Ltd.
  • OJSC Surgutneftegas
  • One World Investments Inc.
  • Ophir Energy plc

    Ensco PLC is the second largest offshore oil drilling company in the world that comprises 5 regional units managing the oil drilling operations offshore Singapore, Middle East and Africa, Dubai, Brazil, Aberdeen, North and South America (based in Houston, USA). Has more 400' water depth jackups than any other driller. Its fleet consists of 44 active jackup platforms, 6 drillships, several semisubmersibles, and 3 deepwater units. The company has offices across the world, on all 5 continents, with major offices in Angola, Brazil, Mexico, Scotland, Singapore, UAE and the United States. This oil drilling company is continuously hiring goal-oriented people seeking job, career opportunities, and willing to perform challenging work on offshore oil rigs across the world.

  • Oil Rig jobs in South Africa aren't hard to come provided jobseeker is aware which attitude to adopt and where to star searching from. The inexperienced normally commit the same mistake and waste some time looking for their very first oil rig job as roustabout or in catering at the websites of the big corporations like Shell, ESSO or Petrobraz, or similar. That's really the waste of your precious time! These companies don't drill for oil by themselves, they contract the other companies, specialized in oil exploration, namely Wood Group, or Weatherford, or Boots & Coots. It is these companies that hire people, but often they delegate recruiting for yet other companies that do their business by finding personnel that qualify for the performing of this or that specific oil drilling mission. With them you can count to find entry level oil rig job in South Africa.

    Oil drilling companies hire the best workers all over the world

    This is another key moment that some jobseekers overlook. I has big sense to have your CV sent to as many companies or recruiting agencies as you only know, regardless of their location. If you succeed in landing your very first oil rig job, be it in South Africa, in Persian Gulf, in the USA or Canada, or elsewhere in the world and get an opportunity to prove yourself, then further you'll have no problem changing your employer, because once your foot is in the door of the oil industry, you remain there forever, if you only wish.

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    Another known recruiter for working on oil rigs is TOS (Transport & Offshore Services). This recruiting agency works for numerous big and smaller oil exploration and extraction companies, recruiting personnel for the offshore oil drilling industry. They accept resumés of the job seekers looking to get employed on the offshore oil rigs, including entry level workers without prior experience of working on oil rigs. Currently looking to fill the vacancies of DP operator, Mechanic, Rigger, Welder, Medic, Cook, different catering positions, Crane operator. If you are an ambitious individual with the education or training relevant to working in the oil & gas industry, here's an opportunity to get hired and start or continue good and lucrative career on offshore oil rigs around the world.

    Vacancy: Heavy Lift Crane Operator on Oil Rigs

    Heavy Lift Crane Operator on oil rigs. Job description: the responsibilities include operating pedestal cranes in an efficient way, skills required. Qualifications: Rigging & lifting certificate, LOLER certificate, STCW'95/Offshore certificate, over 5 years on the heavy lift experience on offshore jack-up oil drilling platforms. Sparrows/SOMA crane certificate is required. Good spoken English and ability to understand and communicate himself in clear and precise manner.

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