Jobs are available on oil rigs!

You can work on oil rigs, offshore/onshore, without any experience

Work on the oil rigs, the jobs there are dangerous as none other, but you have tons of time off and many benefits that no other trade offers. But benefits or no benefits, you'll never earn lesser than $US 60,000, and it's absolutely realistic to expect to hit 100k+ in a few years in the field, no joke! Do not believe people saying that rig workers only make 32k-42k average per year, those saying so are just the retards that never set foot in the oil industry. Back to the benefits, they are a lump addition to the main compensation that you get - I mean the salary. Employer will normally provide medical insurance and free dental care, 401K programs life insurance etc. Affordable, or even completely free of charge training courses are available from the companies to facilitate even the lowest rank workers on offshore oil platform, like entry level roustabouts or galley hands, move up the career ladder according to your talents and abilities.


There are 2 main options available for anyone wishing to find offshore drilling job as entry level worker on sea based rigs:

Provided some of the described above qualities do prevail in you, don't even doubt that you can get an offshore oil job without experience - most commonly that would be Roustabout position, from which you can be quite quickly get promoted and become Roughneck, which means essential addition to your maritime salary. Again, having at your disposal the information that has been verified and which you can rely upon, positive attitude and very big willingness to work hard for prolonged hours to earn some profit for your company and some good bucks for yourself.

Why try to get hired with oil rigs for inexperienced positions

The drilling corporations pay extremely well to their workers. Just think of it: an entry level roustabout under 20 years of age or even less can easily earn $US 40,000 a year, if he just works like they require and expect from him. High salary on oil rigs is being paid not out of the oil companies' generosity, it is because the workforce turnover on oil rigs is very high because of stringent and sometimes just dangerous environment their workers and employees have to work under, especially roughnecks and deck roustabouts that are involved in drilling operations. Many new and old hires at some moment happen realize that their working conditions are too hard or stressful, or that they have just run out of their forces to continue working. Some happen to make their mind they've earned enough for comfortable living on the continent and leave for the less stressful jobs on land. The only thin left for the oil companies is to increase the salaries in order to attract new workers willing to expose themselves to the risks associated with employment on the oil rigs, and that's the argument the majority of the young people willing to make fortune quickly can't resist. While you're looking for employers, the oil drilling contractors are looking for people like me and you.

The following companies are currently hiring
  • Abington Resources Ltd.
  • Alta Mesa Holdings, LP
  • Tananger, Norway
  • Earthstone Energy, Inc.
  • Eco-Trade Corporation
  • A.I.S. Resources Limited
  • Eden Energy Corp. [EDNE]
  • Trinidad Drilling Ltd.
  • EGPI Firecreek, Inc.
  • Abu Dhabi National Oil Company
  • Nabors Drilling USA, LP
  • Advantage Oil & Gas Ltd. [AAV]
  • Murphy Exploration & Production Company - International
  • Scorpion Offshore
  • Afren PLC
  • Thule Drilling ASA
  • AKITA Drilling Ltd.
  • Aera Energy LLC
  • Deep Well Oil & Gas, Inc. [DWOG]
  • Abu Dhabi National Energy Company PJSC
  • Ellora Energy Inc.
  • Abbot Group Limited
  • Emerald Energy Plc
  • Empire Energy Corporation International [EEGC]
  • Addax Petroleum Corporation
  • Transocean Ltd.

More, to be reviewed very soon: Dolphin Drilling, Offrig Drilling ASA, Songa Offshore.

Starting oil career as Roustabout

Roustabout is an industry specific term standing for general unskilled laborer. This is the lowest position in the drilling crew, but don't get immediately upset, because from working hard and proving yourself as good Roustabout many greenhands that had worked on oil rigs before you were promoted, and probably some of them could currently be working side by side with you as Roughnecks, whose responsibilities are much the same but whose salary is $US 15,000 bigger than yours as Roustabout. Your salary as Roustabout will be around $US 52,000 per year, which in fact is for 6 months, since the work on offshore rigs is by shift, with one deck crew substituting the other after 2 weeks offshore. But there's more to that, because working overtime can be paid two or even three times more

Many roughnecks that started as roustabout were given opportunity of good career growth to ultimately reach the high position of an oil rig manager, the managing position responsible for practically everything and everybody aboard oil platform, and these are not just stories. Rig manager or not, a roughneck with the proper attitude, has reasonable opportunities to become at least derrickhand or driller.

In process of attempting getting hired the inexperienced tend to look for the oil companies that are big players in the market like Shell, BP (British Petroleum), Esso or other known brand names, but that's a major mistake and the major waste of time, since there's a division of responsibilities and business aspects in the modern oil & gas market. The big oil companies very rarely drill oil wells for themselves these days. Instead they outsource oil exploration to smaller companies that specialize in drilling only. Of these latter the most known are Diamond Offshore that is headquartered in Houston, USA, or Singapore based Frigstad Offshore, for example. It's them that you should address your resumé and your application asking for the interview to possible get hired for entry level position, be it in drilling specifically, or for jobs in catering like cook' assistant, galley hand, or even a dish/pot washer that can too earn great salary on the oil rigs of the UK, Australia, Alberta oil fields, or US offshore Mexico Gulf oil rigs. Why settle for a low-paying job at Walmart or McDonald's, if you can earn much better salary working as a kitchen helper on the rigs?

Whichever location across the world you would like to choose for working on oil rigs, you get a valuable chance of starting lucrative career, whose exceptional value lies with the fact that no drilling experience is required to get started.

Drilling jobs are not the only way to a lucrative career on an oil rig, if you have a electrical or mechanical trade you can get a job in the motor room or in the electrical department. Chefs are always needed as well along with a medic. Despite the modern technology an oil rig is a hazardous place and accidents can occur and a medic is required on board.


Did you know that oil rig Stewards whose work is all indoors get salaries of size pretty much as big as roustabouts'?

  • Entry level roustabouts on oil rigs can earn $45,000 per year, for working only 6 months a year, while the rest of his time is completely free.
  • Oil rig mechanic salary - $US 55,000 - $US 65,000
  • Electrician salary - $US 55,000 - $US 65,000 per year.
  • Cook - $US 60,000. That is as much as the chief chef in a catering company on land.
  • Rig welders and scaffolders - $US 60,000
  • Entry level engineers - $US 90,000.

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