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The world community's outrage over the destruction and size of harm to the offshore environment that have and still are going to be caused by the notorious BP/Transocean/Halliburton/Deepwater-Horizon disaster are justifiable, as well as the American Government's reacting to the issue by setting moratorium on deepwater oil drilling offshore. Anyway, the measures taken don't mean the end of oil exploration offshore the Gulf, where the shallow water drilling continues, keeping to provide well paid jobs for many people in America.

Drilling in the Gulf, though in a smaller scope, will continue and with the time passing the hiring for oil rig jobs in the Gulf of Mexico deep water drilling will resume, no doubt. Even if the contractors do not currently offer entry level jobs the hiring process has never ended. Do you, as an oilfield entry level job seeker realize that? The companies compile the list of pre-approved candidates for making the quick start as soon as the situation's back to the full control. Now the question is who will be there at the time and who won't get their share of big bucks working on oil rigs of Mexico. Considering that the explosion demonstrated employment on oil rigs can be dangerous to human lives and health, the salaries growth is expected, especially for entry level jobs like scaffolders, roughnecks, and roustabouts. If you've been hired either in construction or even "simply" washing windows of skyscrapers meaning you are accustomed to work at big heights, that's an opportunity for you, so take care not to miss it.

Offshore Oil Job Market today


Regardless of ups and downs on oil market and consequently on the oilfields workforce market, oil drilling companies never stop hiring new people for different vacancies, since on and offshore oil deposit exploration and development is a never ending continuous process, and the demand in personnel, both experienced and inexperienced has always been one of the highest in the world.

Entry Level Jobs

Because of the specifics and highly challenging nature of offshore oil drilling, the requirements for entry level offshore oil job candidates are stringent, and in fact any entry level job on oil rigs is the hardest to obtain. The most popular entry level jobs include Roustabout, Maintenance Roustabout, Scuba Diver, Medic, Welder, Scaffolders, Radio Operator, Galley Hand, Rig Safety & Training Coordinator, Mudman, Mud Engineer, Materials Man, Electrician, Motorman, Painter.

Another important requirement pertaining applicants for the available positions on oil rigs demands being able and preferably enjoying to work close together and hand in had with other people as a part of team. Often the responsibilities include directing or supervising other personnel while being member of oil drilling crew or deck crew.

Oil Drilling Crew is by large composed of roughnecks and roustabouts. Roughnecks, though being themselves simple hard manual labor workers are supposed to direct and supervise roustabouts whose main responsibility lies not only in helping the roughnecks, but also joining them or substituting some of them occasionally when the need occurs. Roughnecks are experienced workers, and in fact the drilling process is impossible without roughneck's skills, the salary they get can exceed $US 60,000 per annum. Position of Roughneck on oil rigs is the job most people associate with offshore oil drilling jobs.

Main Deck Crew Members

  • Crane operator is one of the central figured on the deck that can't complete his job successfully unless able to direct and supervise roustabouts and crane operator assistants.
  • Maintenance Foreman
  • Maintenance Roustabouts are the workers whose main duties reside with cleaning, keeping orderly, and maintaining the main deck including doing some of the painting; they are subordinate to the Maintenance Foreman and are being supervised by him.

Here goes the list of major corporations contracting oil drilling rigs for both exploration and production in different parts of the world from the Gulf of Mexico to Saudi Arabia: Union Drilling. Pioneer Drilling Co. ENSCO International. Nabors Industries. Grey Wolf. Diamond Offshore Drilling. Patterson-UTI Energy. Rowan Companies. Noble. Hercules Offshore. Helmerich & Payne. Atwood Oceanics. Parker Drilling Company. Transocean. Pride International. Diversified Oilfield Services Companies: Weatherford International, Schlumberger, Baker Hughes, Halliburton.

The main regions and countries in the world where oil rig jobs are available geographically: Arctic, Gulf of Mexico, Offshore Norway, Offshore Britain, South East Asia, Malaysia, Western Australia and specifically offshore Queensland, Angola, USA and Canada, Brazil, Russia, Turkmenistan.

If fears put aside, statistically the odds of an explosion on oil rig like that isn't high. The Gulf disaster claimed total 11 lives. While people can be scared, if we look back in the history, we will discover just 2 other similar scale oil rig disasters: the Usumacinta in 2007 causing 22 deaths and in Bombay High North back in 2005 with 22 fatalities.

In fact is that fatalities and injuries in the oil industry offshore are mainly due not to explosions of the sort, but sooner to the specifics of the work on offshore oil drilling platforms and drillships. The work is physically demanding, requires application of much force and spending of much energy when the roughnecks and roustabout handle heavy equipment and continuously lift and carry heavy parts like tugging hoses, fitting pipes and replacing parts though with the help of appliances and cranes to reduce the hard labor. Yes, the injuries are unavoidable, even in catering positions, but if the safety rules are followed and workers adequately trained, they are reduced to minimum. High turnaround of the workers is rather due to workforce aging or wearing out than injuries and accidents, and that's the real reason standing behind oil companies never stopping to engage new workers to oil rigs. Old workforce needs replacement, hence is the continuous hiring.

Jobs on Oil rigs will be the hottest vacancies during the next 30 years

Oil companies keep investing into the construction of the new and modernizing the existing oil rigs that are needed explore new reserves and produce more oil. But oil rigs will never get fully automated so that they could be operated and run be a just a few people on board a platform, at least not in the near future. The companies need to hire people for different positions from maintenance roustabout or chef to top rig manager in order to ensure maintenance and the smooth running of the entire oil drilling process at every phase of it. That's actually a very good news, since it means lots of new oil rig vacancies around the world, be it offshore India or Bakersfield in California. You have chances to fill of the fantastic high paying positions on oil rigs, even if you don't have previous experience (but have the rest of what it takes - strong hands and shoulders and rough neck, sorry for the play of words).

Everybody has to complete an oil rig safety and survival training before even putting their foot on the offshore oil rig platform. In order to be able to survive performing offshore oil jobs should an emergency occur, you need not just to know the basics and some theory, one has to be emotionally stable, have good nerves and concentration skills, be panic free and all the rest it takes to survive using properly the survival equipment available on any oil rig. Learn fast, work hard, be strongly motivated, and the good bucks are guaranteed for you after the successful oil rig job placement. The truth is you won't stay too long in a position of roustabout and most likely will be promoted to possibly have excellent career on oil rigs, once you have planned your getting an employment in this highly lucrative though competition natured industry and have landed that dream entry level oil rig job of yours - if not close to where you live, then in the Persian Gulf that's too full of oil. That's if travelling often isn't an issue, considering that normally the working on oil rigs is by shifts and the crews change every 2-4 weeks.

Jobs in the Catering

Working on oil rigs in catering department in the capacity of galley hand, which is another entry level job requiring very little experience, a person can make very good salary, unmatched to similar position in restaurants in cities or anywhere on the land. The other catering jobs available on oil rigs bedsides the most popular galley hand are such as chef, cook, food servers, day bakers, night bakers, but these latter require proper training, if not experience.

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