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Galley hands and other catering jobs offshore


Working on oil rigs in catering department in the capacity of galley hand, which is another entry level job requiring very little experience, a person can make very good salary, unmatched to similar position in restaurants in cities or anywhere on the land. The other catering jobs available on oil rigs bedsides the most popular galley hand are such as chef, cook, food servers, day bakers, night bakers, but these latter require proper training, if not experience.

Since galley hand, very much alike to the position of roustabout, requires absolutely no experience, it's a vacancy that is so eagerly being sought by the beginners wishing to put their foot in the door of oil and gas industry, and it can be as well good starting point for an exciting career on oil rigs that can offer lavish lifestyle. By the way, a working as a galley hand on cruise ships, is an alternative position that corresponds galley hand on offshore oil drilling platforms. Even this entry level catering position on cruise vessel pays less, it has other benefits that the employment on oil rigs doesn't offer. Oil rigs or cruise ships, as opposed to working in ordinary restaurant, on oil rigs it requires safety rules and survival training/certification.

Catering jobs on oil rigs, including a position of galley hand, are all important for ensuring good health as well as the restoration of the force and ability to work for all oil rig employees and workers like roughnecks and roustabouts. What makes getting employed as galley hand on oil rigs is that this position also provides many opportunities for advancement, even it is in an auxiliary, meaning less responsible direction. Working in catering also requires good health, even if working in the galley means less exposure to the risks associated with the offshore working in challenging environment. Note that galley hand on oil rigs gets paid much better than similar land-based jobs.

The risks involved with working as a galley hand. Worker's compensation news: Galleyhand Gets $110, 500 Compensation For Offshore Shoulder Injury

Here are the details of the $US 110,500.00 Jones Act case settlement by Curtis Bickers . The law firm's client worked as a galley hand on a Gulf of Mexico offshore oil rig in the 2011, and while working he injured his shoulder carrying a heavy laundry bag. The company he had worked for refused to take responsibility for the injury. As a result of the settlement in court, the client was awarded the workplace injury compensation exceeding the impressive $US 60,000, considering he had been working on the offshore oil drilling platform.

Many attorneys had refused to handle the case in question, but the former galley hand got in touch with the Curtis, the workplace injury compensation lawyers knowing they previously had handled maritime cases against the same oil drilling company. In less than a year after the injury took place, the settlement was negotiated and the dispute was resolved in favor of the oil rig catering worker.

Roustabout jobs on oil rigs

For those looking for roustabout jobs on oil rigs, offshore and land-based, there are things to consider, if you are looking for particular roustabout job. Search Oil Rig Roustabout jobs and careers in USA, Canada, India, Australia, UK, Norway, South Africa.

If you are looking into roustabout jobs, there are numerous reasons of being proud of being part this specific industry. The world's oil industry has changed the way the people's lives and functions for better, and dramatically. That reason taken only, roustabouts on oil rigs have every reason to feel good about their contribution to the progress of humanity by working on oil rigging offshore platforms.

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