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Jobs on oil rigs where you might get hired without any previous practical experience - have you heard of such? Yes, we mean those oil rig roustabout vacancies so many people, especially those of younger age, in their thirties, are considering to fill in their search for a good dollar. If you're currently viewing this web page, then you're, probably one of them. And probably you're saying to yourself: yea, but I have been looking for quite a time already, but nothing except the words... We are here to assist you, and if you feel you could cope with working hard under challenging climate and hostile weather conditions, then chances are with us you'll land one, if besides being in good physical shape you don't lack dedication and the right approach. We can make you search for roustabout jobs on offshore oil rigs successful.


Are you sure you realize what the oil rig roustabout job is all about and what besides your physical strength you need to understand in order to end up with being successfully hired as an entry level roustabout? Maybe you need first to expand your knowledge about other types of entry level ol rig jobs and the requirements you need fulfill to avoid destroying your chances by presenting yourself the wrong way still at the phase of your resumé submission? The mistakes are typical, and committing one could cost job seeker a fortune.

Knowing that roustabout job is one of the dirtiest jobs on oil rig and being still both mentally and emotionally ready is hardly what you count to impress recruiting clerk at oil company with. You may only imagine how many times a day he or she hears or reads these same words while scanning through the next twin looking resumé to just stop reading it half way.

The following advice comes from an authority Canadian recruiters for oil industry, and it can be found right on their website. They advise that you take seriously the 3 things your oil rig job applicant's resumé must clearly state, if you do wish your resumé sound prominent and outstanding, regardless of what vacancy on offshore oil rigs you are going to apply for, roustabout or any other. It's highly recommended that you should highlight that you already hold:

  1. Driver's License
  2. First Aid certificate
  3. H2S Alive Certificate

These are the very first 3 points that oil rig servicing companies are looking for in ANY resumé before deciding whether to hire you or your competitor with the rest essential data and qualities being equal. Being unexperienced is, of course, a disadvantage, but letting the interviewer understand that you take your possible job placement on oil rigs seriously and have already not only done some general research about the nature of the manual labor on oil rigs, but have been wise enough to start learning towards becoming a good roustabout. This is what your potential employer won't fail to praise.

The next thing that you should mention should be having had experience of working in bad weather conditions or operating heavy equipment, be it at a plant or working at a building construction site. If you were able to perform hard physical labor on land, there's reason to believe you would be capable to cope with the same while at offshore oil drilling facility in open sea working there as the entry level roustabout.

Here's what typically an oil rig roustabout is required to do, meaning he's in charge of endless list of duties meant to keep different mechanisms and heavy equipment functioning and help more experienced low rank workers like roustabouts and roughnecks complete their job on oil drilling platform or drillship. Roustabout is in charge of unloading the supplies off the boats or helicopters and storing them; continuously cleaning deck, working areas, equipment, mechanisms, scrapping rust, painting metal parts, stacking the pipes and preparing them for drilling oil; he even may be required to repair and provide part of maintenance of the mud pumps according to instructions and under the supervision of the trained higher rank personnel.

Again, roustabout's is a physically demanding job, and it is not for the tenderfeet or the whitehands. Be ready for lots of bending, climbing up and down, sit ups, lifting, handling heavy mechanisms etc., and it's rather frequent that roustabouts do that in a team together with the rest of the oil drilling deck crew members, while the weather may be stormy and the wind very strong and cold, or on the contrary roustabout may have to work in the extremely hot environment. The work is normally by shifts, 14 days on the platform followed by 14 days off with duration of a working day being 4-12 hours, depending on the schedule adopted for a specific offshore oil rig. You also need to be a good team player. Roustabout job is something requiring the aptness to learn thing very quickly, if not immediately. The good thing is that having no high school diploma and no experience whatsoever don't set obstacle for quick promotion.

Wages & Salaries

Roustabout typically earns $US 45,000 up per year, but if you show efficiency you get adequate addition to your beginner salary and could be even advanced in a couple of months to roustabout position that pays even better. Besides the wages, roustabouts get benefits package that includes free medical and dental care, and also gets compensation for meals, which can vary depending on whether there's a camp or not. The transportation to the offshore oil drilling platform is usually by helicopter in the job is close to the shore (in shallow waters) or by ship in case the drilling takes place in deepwater ocean.

Age limitations

There is no upper age limit for this type of maritime job. I knew roughnecks that were 60 years old, but still did their job as required. The low end age limit is 18 years old, that's the minimum required for working on oil rigs even for the people employed in catering like dishwashers, room and living compartments cleaners, stewarts etc., whose work on the oil rigs is considered easy and nothing to compare with roustabouts.

Life of roustabouts on oil rig

Since offshore oil rigs require big number of people work on a limited space, being in good mental health is a must. You should also be a person that doesn't mind travelling and can easily sustain having to be away from home. If feeling homesick is what occurs to you regularly, oil rig roustabout position is definitely not for you, don't even try.

Still not discouraged about the idea of trying to work as roustabout on oil rigs?

Then go ahead! Roustabout's job is a fantastic way to earn big dollars, travel the world, and enjoy almost 6 months of free time a year, since working on offshore oil rigs is by shifts.

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