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Offhore Floorhand, or Roustabout, is actually the most frequent entry level oil rig position that is open for inexperienced laborers, but it's a job where you get salary unmatched in any other industry on shore. With a roustabout job on any oil drilling platform or vessel you earn at least $US 45,000 per year, but very shortly can expect your wages to be increased to $US 60,000 up - isn't it exciting? If you are physically strong man and do not mind working long hard hours, but who are not skilled or trained, or qualified for performing other offshore functions, then oil rig roustabout job is for you.


If previously the only way of getting skills for oil rig roustabout leading then to the position of roughneck were by working on the rigs offshore and learning from the experience roustabout crew members, then in the recent years companies started teaching those skills offering training programs, intensive courses, and different specialized classes for the candidates they believe might have chance to get employed. The competition on the entry level roustabout level is fierce even if roustabout openings on offshore oil fields are numerous. Job seekers with oil industry will easily discover that in course of looking for job placement on oil rigs. It's highly beneficial if you take your own initiative to take some of these courses and get some of the certifications - they won't guarantee you roustabout oil job placement, but you will benefit in any case, since they may be of use in practically any other industry that needs roustabouts that requires dealing with mechanisms and handling different heavy equipment, not necessarily drilling.

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Here are the 3 things that will make your oil rig job applicant's resumé prominent and outstanding, regardless of what vacancy on offshore oil rigs you are going to apply for:

  1. Driver's License
  2. First Aid certificate
  3. H2S Alive Certificate

These are the very first 3 points that oil rig servicing companies are looking for in any resumé before deciding whether to hire you or not. Don't forget to mention having had experience working in bad weather conditions or with heavy equipment - that's exactly what you are expected to do on offshore oil rigs working at the entry level as roustabout.

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Let's take positive attitude, meaning you do ultimately finish with getting employed for a well paid job of roustabout on oil drilling rigs in Alberta, Canada or QLD Australia, or elsewhere. Oil rig roustabout listings keep appearing all the time online and in the newspapers, just follow them for roustabout offshore vacancies. If you are lucky to have landed that dream job, you must be ready for doing different things like directing crane, service structures by removing rust from metal parts of them, painting or assisting painters, cleaning the deck, or even working very close hand in hand with roughnecks since one of the usual duties roustabouts are being charged with is substituting roughnecks during meals breaks. The work is by shifts, but you get compensated with equal time off recreating on the continent and enjoying different benefits packages. Then you come back offshore, and the process never ends, since the oil drilling platforms operate continuously, and its smooth and safe running is impossible without roustabouts.

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The salaries on the offshore oil rigs are excellent at any level, but what is more important is that you don't stay very long doing offshore roustabout job, since this position rather typically than not lead to your being offered a promotion to other positions available on the oil rigs, especially considering different courses are offered by the administration right on the spot, when you are free from job. But what is more to that, the training is free. With the time passing you could easily become a welder, a crane operator, a mechanic, or even a driller. Yes, that's true that many people started once their brilliant careers from doing first this inexperienced, unskilled, and sometimes dirty on oil drilling fields and offshore rigs.

Getting placement

Nothing in this world comes by itself, if you don't care to apply a focussed motivated effort. Try different ways of applying, be dedicated, and don't have it limited to just mailing your resumé to recruiters of HR departments of the companies you think do the headhunting for oil drilling companies. If you live in the area that is located close to oil fields, take time to visit offices of the oil exploration companies if you know of any, and try to talk to them in person, it may happen your appearance only will impress employers enough to be willing to give you a try as maintenance roustabout right away. If not, the applicants that are persistent in their desire to work on oil rigs are all the same accepted better. If not a reference, you may get a personal advice that taken properly will enhance your chances of getting employed on oil rigs for a position different than roustabout with a view of becoming roughneck.

Invest into writing good resumé

Making your resumé notable is important, since it speaks for your responsibility, and this is the feature that is valued by employers in the potential employees applying for offshore oil rig jobs like entry level roustabout or roughneck. Collecting valid and up to date information as for the oil companies you submit your application to is going to help you to accomplish your job placement aspirations.

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