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Roustabouts needed to work on offshore rigs

Looking for oil rig roustabout job placement isn't as complicated and hard mission as job seeker could believe, but when average person starts looking for it, he gets impression that it is unrealistic even to attempt to find a roustabout job, since 2 or 3 months search passed all in vain. Don't get immediately upset, though. Maybe the following info is going to be helpful in your specific case. The core of problem is that the majority of the offshore oil rig roustabout job seekers seem to limit their search to just 3 methods of finding employment:

  • They look through classified ads in newspapers that might feature oil rig jobs
  • They browse webpages of the Internet sites of big oil companies like Imperial Oil in Canada or Esso Exploration & Production UK Ltd.
  • They submit their resumés to free online job boards like Monster Jobs Canada or use free job search sites like placementindia


    Since according to some estimates, 90% of oil job seekers use these 3 most common ways, they reduce any individual's chances of winning that dream job exponentially, because with the resumés flowing from the same sources to the same oil rig employers or recruiters, the latter tend to just ignore them in batches. The more resumés, the less attention they receive. Isn't it evident?

    There are alternative ways, and since they are less known, they are much more efficient!

    Less competition means better chances to succeed. If you desire to outstrip your competitors, it's better using the less known ways, and here are 3 other methods you may wish to choose. They are less easy and require efforts and persistence from behalf of oil job seekers. Moreover, they require spending just a little bit of cash up front. But the small price is well worth the prize! Remember, it's only cheese in mousetrap that's free. You get what you pay for, it's that simple - especially when it comes to putting your leg in the door of the oil industry, i.e. applying for a job without any prior experience of working on oil platforms off shore Malaysia, India, China, or land based oil rigs in North Dakota. In fact, it's the same and applicable everywhere.

    So, here are the 3 ways that are the must to try:

    1. If you are resident or citizen of the USA, it is a good idea to try getting employed on oil fields. Just get in your car and drive around the oil fields - either in your state or in the adjacent ones. Find the person who's in charge of the oil well, or oil rig manager, or the whole oil field, walk in and simply ask in person if there might be a job for you, roustabout or anything. In the USA bigger oil extraction or oil deposit exploration corporations contract the smaller companies to perform drilling oil for them, and it is actually subcontractors that you have to talk to about being hired.
    2. If you are looking for an offshore inexperienced job, your task is somewhat harder. This 2-nd method requires not just doing some research, but also being a good mixer and friend maker. Once you are in the location known for oil guys to visit frequently, make friends with local oil rig workers in a bar where they gather for a beer or two when they are on their 2 week leave on land (they work by shifts - 2 weeks offshore, 2 weeks are off), offer them a drink and ask them where to find a person that could be in charge of hiring new employees. Roustabouts, roughnecks and some other people working on offshore oil rigs normally drop in a bar after being transported from the platform by helicopter, and only afterwards they go home. You have this small time to catch one of them relaxing there.
    3. The 3-rd approach doesn't require from yourself much travelling. If you know that in your town or city there are offices of some oil drilling contractors, just find out their addresses and walk in in person instead of applying online. Do your homework and try to be as much prepared for the conversation as it is only possible, try to produce the best impression, get them curious about yourself, do your best to show you are highly motivated guy with much devotion to achieving your goal of getting entry level oil rig job offshore.
    Oil rig jobs in Malaysia

    Learn how you can get an oil rig job in Malaysia, no experience needed. The oil industry is hiring crews to work on oil drilling platforms off shore Malaysia. Needed:
    Well Servicing Supervisors for oil well servicing & testing, job location: Malaysia
    Process Safety Consultant - Singapore / Malaysia / SEA

    All 3 suggested ways are very likely to be effective way for you to find and secure roustabout vacancy. Your chance of getting hired are especially good, if you were born and have lived until now close to oil producing area - that means that the idea of pursuing oil career has come to your head not just like sort of a stray thought.

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    Did you know that Malaysia is a major world's exporter of oil and that practically all the amount of the oil extracted in the country originates from the nation's offshore oil fields. Malaysia is an aspiring industrial nation, and its oil job market has been rapidly developing. Hence is the vast array of various employment opportunities on its existing wells as well as on those under construction. A shortage in workforce that qualify for working on oilfields of Malaysia explains a somewhat bigger salaries for many local offshore oil rig jobs. Malaysian oil rig contractors are hiring, here is the list of vacancies that need to be filled, to take just a few:

    Accommodations, meals, catering, recreational facilities etc. on offshore oil rigs can be like at a five star hotel, and the work is compensated for exceptionally well at every level industry wide, be it off shore Bakersfield or in the region of Malaysia or India, but there's a reason for that, since the immediate working conditions for the entry level oil rig workers like roustabouts or roughneck can be hard and very demanding. Also, there are the best prospects for career advancement. It's for you to decide!

    Oil & gas careers with Murfey Oil Corporation, USA

    Murfey Oil Corporation conducts exploration of oil and natural gas in deep water areas of Gulf of Mexico, internationally, and has in part been active in Malaysia since 1999. The corporate offices can be found in El Dorado, Arkansas. The company's offices also are located in Houston, TX with auxiliary offices overseas. Some of the Murphy's projects are in the phase of the development, the company is an active explorer of worldwide opportunities, remaining in the top 100 fastest growing growing companies. Career opportunities in oil and gas exploration encompass geology, geophysical sciences, engineering, as well as contract and procurement. The company is engaged in oil & gas production in the UK, USA, Canada, Malaysia and Africa (Congo).

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    Oil drilling related jobs to be reviewed: BTech chemical engineer. Oil field hand. General Laborer (Roustabout) for packaging. Graduate petroleum engineer. Boilermaker - welder with experience. Electric Techinician. Process Engineer, Chemical Scientist. Administration, HR, Communication, Marketing. Service engineer. 2nd Officer, JDP Operator. Ship Master / Ship Pilot. Electrician Assistant. Offshore mechanic.

    Companies to be reviewed: Lonestar Inspection Services, Ajman, UAE

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