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Roughneck oil rig jobs


Roughneck oil rig job salary is high, and currently it ranges $US 300 to $US 400 a day (approximately 47K a year and more), which is considered basic beginner salary for a roughneck without experience on an oil rig. Work by shifts, 3 out of every 5 weeks.

Being in fact the main performers of maintenance for oil rigs, Roustabouts perform hard scheduled labor all day long as well as during night time regardless of the weather, climate, and conditions, sometimes extreme, like sea storms. Roustabouts get in touch with dangerous drilling equipment. Therefore these types of jobs mean increased exposure to the risk on getting injured or even killed. Just recall the known explosion at the Deep water Horizon facility in the Gulf of Mexico.

The benefits are as following: free meals, medical insurance, free room and board, plus two-way air ticket compensation.

Advice On Getting Ready For Interview

Appearance is important, be properly clothed and clean, and show you can be accurate and responsible: do not get late for your interview in person. Be sure to arrive at least 5 minutes ahead of your appointed time. It's highly recommended having some extra copies of your resumés with you, because the interviewers may be several.

Singapore roustabout job hiring process - before getting hired

Try to find out as much as possible of the information about the positions available, and you may turn surprised as for how many positions the company may have not listed yet in public. Are you a member of any social network? Try networking with every person that could relate to oil rig jobs in Singapore or adjacent area: Malaysia, Vietnam, India, Philippines; through networking you can find people already working or who worked on sea offshore oil and gas platforms as roustabout. Even getting in contact with people that just happen to know the others holding a position on oil rig can be useful.

Employers from an oil rig would not normally advertise their company's open positions in your local newspaper or on the TV, but from the other hand they widely use the online job sites for recruiting, because this type of advertising is low coast and saves the companies considerable money. Do some of your research online, an you'll discover it's quite easy to locate the companies that offer oil job candidates to help find them job for a small and absolutely affordable fee. They save you time, which means they save you money!

The major players in oil & gas industry circulate their online job manuals that can add effectiveness to your successfully landing a job you like, if you do not mind spending some time reading them. Offshore oil and gas businesses do their best to make sure they are going to recruit candidates for oil rig jobs that are not going to relax after being hired, and who realize importance of knowing and following strictly safety procedures. If you are non-smoker, you chances are increased either.

Field/job: Engineering - Hydraulic and Pneumatic. Health & Safety - H2S. Management. Heavy Equipment Operator, Operations - Helicopter, Other - Hospitality. Management - HR/Personnel. HR/Personnel/Training - Human Resources. Health & Safety - HSE. Technician - HVAC. Engineering - HVAC Geoscience - Hydrogeology. Technician - Hydraulic. North Sea.

Oil Drilling Rig Jobs in Alberta.

Did you know there's a lack of the Canadians who would be willing and able to fill all of the oil rig jobs in Alberta? There are too many drilling rig jobs that still need filling. Generally, you get your first rig job on land, and afterwards you may think of going to offshore rig jobs.


Derrickman is required to spend much time up the derrick of the oil rig. This job is not for you in case you are afraid of heights.

Job title: Motorhand

This oil rig position is responsible for ensuring motors on the oil rig work properly, including engines lifting drilling pipe, turning rotary table rotating drill bit, the motors used to mix and circulate the drilling fluid (mud). Besides the engines, motorhands also service other machinery and boilers. If you have talent and enjoy working with machinery and mechanisms, that's excellent opportunity for you to pick up entry level job other than roughneck or roustabout, but excellent health is the must.

CANADA Oil Rig Jobs providers and recruiters. Field Service Coordinator. Nigeria, Kuwait, Mumbai.

Baker Hughes (Location: Edmonton, CANADA) serves the worldwide oil and natural gas industry with reservoir consulting and products and services for drilling, formation evaluation, completion and production. We are a leading provider for high-performance technology that creates value from oil and gas reservoirs. Every product and service we provide is designed to lower costs, reduce risk... CANADA Oil Rig Job Type: Staff; Drilling Engineer, Cenergy. Location: Calgary, AB, CANADA. Cenergy is another company offering workforce solutions for oil and gas drilling industry. They recruit specialized energy personnel, safety services, rig inspection, logistics optimization and vendor management throughout the world. Also currently searching for a Drilling Engineer for Nigeria, Kuwait, Mumbai. CANADA Oil Rig Job Type: Contract.

Oil Rig Welders job opportunities

Opportunities for welders to get hired on oil rigs. Rig welder entry level vacancies. Once you are hired as rig welder

Oil Rig Welders

For someone who is already an experienced welder that is certified, there should not be sort of any big problem to get hired for a job as welder on oil rig with very good salary of about $US 6000 per month. In fact that's what contractor pays to offshore welder working 2 weeks a month, since working on oil rigs is by shifts. Make your own simple calculation, and you will see that working as an offshore welder on a platform you earn during half a year more than you could expect for doing the same job at land.

There are numerous opportunities for welders to get hired on oil rigs. If you are even a beginner welder, you can fill one of these high paying positions too. Additionally, if you are at least a recreational scuba diver certified with PADI, your chances get increased dramatically. There are two types of welding jobs on oil rigs. The first type of oil rig welding jobs cover everything that can be welded above the water surface. The second type is underwater welding, which normally required scuba diving skills and certification, but it pays many times more than ordinary welding on oil extraction platforms at sea. If you already have experience as a welder on land based oil rigs or in construction, then trying to make money offshore is what definitely worth trying.

This website can provide you knowledge and resources you initially require to start pursuing your career as a welder on oil rigs, i. e. as offshore welder. To be able to perform welding on oil rigs without going underwater, the drilling companies would normally require that you get AWS certifications.

Conditions of entering career as underwater welder is completely different and should be regarded as something exclusive, and opportunity that is not for every next Joe. As a rule, an underwater welder who works on oil rigs is a PADI certified scuba diver who afterwards chose to learn welding, though opposite happens too.

Rig welders earn huge salaries, but if you say environment they work in is challenging, then you say nothing. It's dangerous. Though it is no all the time that underwater welding is required, but underwater welder has to stay at see for 2-4 weeks on rotation schedule, live within a limited space and be content with poor recreational opportunities and far away from their families.

Getting hired as an offshore welder

Contrary to what some believe, offshore welder, above or underwater, is an entry level job, and may be much easier to find than ordinary roughneck or roustabout. In fact the only 2 things you need to get hired as offshore welder is possessing necessary qualifications backed with adequate certification papers, and getting in contact with a recruiter or an oil rig company that would wish to hire you. So, if you have both, you have every opportunity to take both of these two worlds and enjoy the highest salary imaginable while doing things you like.

South Texas Oil Rig Jobs * Job finder * Jobs in Texas for rig welders, vacancies in QLD, Romania, Mumbai, Nigeria, Cabinda in Angola

Oil And Gas Recruitment Agencies won't tell you this

Good paying job is definitely hard to find, an it has always been so. Anyway, if you are strongly motivated and aren't afraid of physical and emotional challenges along with getting somewhat dirty in course of carrying out your work position responsibilities, then you may count for one of those good paying entry level oil and gas jobs. The very first and foremost requirement for being able to work on oil rigs is, of course, adequate health and good physical shape. If you are not sure you have both of these, just give up the idea of working on oil rigs and think of something different. In case you do, don't hurry to rejoice all the same, because candidates for entry level oil rig vacancies need also other qualities to qualify, though there's a good news that if you are suitable for your employer to work on land based oil & gas rig, then don't doubt offshore oil rig vacancies (that are higher paid) are also for you to compete for along with other applicants. Be ready, though, to demonstrate during the interview your abilities to work in team, good communicative inclinations, and, of course, you need to be sure you will pass drug test. Smoking is not regarded as contraindication for being hired for an oil rig job by most companies.

Find out where the oil rig jobs are available and who is hiring across the USA: from the Bakken Formation in Montana/North Dakota and on to Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Colorado, Pennsylvania, California, Wyoming, New Mexico, Alaska - see the oil rig job locations and research which place is best for you to start your exciting career in oil industry all over the country or close to the place you live at.

Roustabout jobs on offshore oil rigs. Places where you're going to find the entry level offshore oil rigs jobs such as roustabout or roughneck. Drilling rig jobs for roustabout.

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