Jobs are available on oil rigs for the taking!

Roustabout/Roughneck jobs and other entry level vacancies in the oil & gas drilling industry

Lots of opportunities are still available in the oil drilling industry for people without experience, men and women, willing to work hard and earn exceptionally well.


Even if working on offshore oil rigs may seem unrealistic type of starter job to choose, yet for a considerable fraction of physically fit persons, especially young, high, and strong men, or even men in middle age group, it can be a very good employment offering fantastic wages coupled with numerous benefits you hardly come across if working on the land and doing work of the related nature or with similar responsibilities. For people that are ambitious and can be hard-working when required by the circumstances, the quality of lifestyle achievable through earning one's living on oil rigs can be very motivating. Career in offshore drilling that you can start at entry level as roughneck or roustabout is definitely not for everyone, same as that of a sailor, but if you feel working offshore in challenging and sometimes dangerous environment on offshore oil drilling platforms isn't what might scare you, then getting information on how you can land an entry level position with experience not required can well be your first step to travelling to distant locations for working on oil rigs.

Oil And Gas Recruitment Agencies won't tell you this

Good paying job is definitely hard to find, an it has always been so. Anyway, if you are strongly motivated and aren't afraid of physical and emotional challenges along with getting somewhat dirty in course of carrying out your work position responsibilities, then you may count for one of those good paying entry level oil and gas jobs. The very first and foremost requirement for being able to work on oil rigs is, of course, adequate health and good physical shape. If you are not sure you have both of these, just give up the idea of working on oil rigs and think of something different. In case you do, don't hurry to rejoice all the same, because candidates for entry level oil rig vacancies need also other qualities to qualify, though there's a good news that if you are suitable for your employer to work on land based oil & gas rig, then don't doubt offshore oil rig vacancies (that are higher paid) are also for you to compete for along with other applicants. Be ready, though, to demonstrate during the interview your abilities to work in team, good communicative inclinations, and, of course, you need to be sure you will pass drug test. Smoking is not regarded as contraindication for being hired for an oil rig job by most companies.

Find out where the oil rig jobs are available and who is hiring across the USA: from the Bakken Formation in Montana/North Dakota and on to Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Colorado, Pennsylvania, California, Wyoming, New Mexico, Alaska - see the oil rig job locations and research which place is best for you to start your exciting career in oil industry all over the country or close to the place you live at.

What is roustabout and what kind of a person you should be to successfully apply for an offshore roustabout vacancy?

For the first thing knowing where and how to apply properly is already half a success. Successful candidate must know that applying in person by directly submitting your resumé as potential roustabout without previous experience can increase the applicant's chances of getting their first real oil rig job impressively. It is advisable to try working on land based rigs before you try doing the same offshore. Motoreman. If you know someone previously employed with an oil company, having a reference could be a significant advantage.

Roustabout is a fancy title for the most popular entry level job on oil rigs, especially offshore, worldwide. In simple words, an entry level maintenance roustabout is a general laborer working in maintenance and helping people immediately employed in oil drilling process helping them maintain different sorts of mechanisms that can be found on oil drilling deck and everywhere across the platform. This job has many in common with a position of a sailor on a regular ship sailing at sea and the responsibilities are often similar as well. This lowest level job primarily requiring ability to perform hard manual labor on an oil rig can be a great start for pursuing a well paid career offshore for people that are not much into studying for year in order to get formal education before starting. As with any entry level position of manual laborer, roustabouts (at some oil companies called roughnecks or floorhands) is supposed to spend much time on open air doing different kinds of cleaning dirty oil stained places on the rig and helping drilling crew deck members or even other positions like crane operator of helping to fix different pieces of equipment. Don't get misled, though. As a greenhand, you won't stay for much time in this position, provided that you look for opportunities of advancement. Rapid advancement is what happens often on oil rigs with entry level employees, coaching normally can be available on site.

The salaries are very good, sometimes 3 times more than for doing the same job in other industries - and that's for actually working half time, because roustabouts on oil rigs work by shifts, 14 days on, 14 days off.

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