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Offshore roustabout oil work

Roustabout is the classic entry level vacancy associated with the oil rigs. Even if roustabout sounds kind of frivolous expression, this is a formal term to define a widely employed oil rig job. Working as roustabout is a responsible, and sometimes dangerous job, therefore the wages can be nothing to what you can count to earn, when doing the same job on land in safe environment.


Certain oil rigs do not hire workers for the position called roustabout, their laborers may be called roughnecks, meaning hard manual labor worker. Nevertheless the difference exists, roughneck being a laborer performing the identical duties that still require additional physical agility.

What makes roustabout entry level oil rig jobs attractive, is that applicants for that position are not required any specific expertise to qualify. That's why it is a perfect option for beginners seeking change in their lives, but having no qualifications other than their previous employment that is generally irrelevant to working on oil rigs. There are 3 categories of roustabouts, depending on the specific place on the oil drilling platform to perform their tasks: maintenance, drilling, and rigging roustabouts.

Regardless of the specialization, roustabouts are supposed to help the roughnecks who are leading the crew during them performing of all kinds of hard physical operations on oil rig that require strong muscles and endurance.

Find oil entry level work online

It has great sense to start your search for entry level oil rig job offshore from online job boards. No specific knowledge is required. Anyone interested in getting hired can effortlessly sign up for a free membership account with the suggested Internet resource specialized in recruiting workers for working on oil drilling platforms, even in South Africa for residents of the USA.

Once your account is activated, you can immediately search for offshore oil drilling vacancies advertised across the site's web pages, and completely free of charge. If you upgrade, though, you will be able to use additional features designed to make your search for entry level oil rig job on online job boards great success. It's their business, after all, and that's the way they do their living.

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Many people that once started from the roustabout position on oil rigs in Australia or elsewhere, have acquired the skills that with the time running helped them to be promoted to much higher paid positions. If you have been lucky to get enlisted as roustabout, you're guaranteed at least to get promoted to the position of roughneck, that's minimum that you can expect. Mind though, that in most cases rising through the ranks have lead many persons that once started as entry level job roustabout to finish earning far more than $US 100,000.

Roustabout job, even at the entry level, is paid exceptionally well, by most modest estimates around $US 30,000 - 50,000 per year on an offshore oil rig, especially if you get your entry level employment with the rigs exploring oil deposits off Alberta shore in Canada, or Aberdeen, the North Sea.

Another benefit for people working on the oil rigs is the exceptionally large amount of free time, considering that typical working schedule by shifts presumes working 2-4 weeks on the rig with 2-4 weeks off that you could use for recreation while back on land. This free time is valuable, because you have completely free hand as for how to use it. You could either spend it working on your second land based job, or just relax and go for a vacation to the Seychelles and enjoy being with beautiful girls of super model quality.

Still the greatest way of finding entry level job on oil rigs is through conventional acquaintance with a current or a former worker with the oil rigs, who could update and even recommend you for hiring with the oil company he used to work offshore for.

If you don't know any of such people with experience who might help you in person, there's still an option to apply independently. The oil rig jobs are being advertised in national and local newspapers, or on the Internet employment web sites, that are capable to help you. Be warned against using the job placement sites charging monthly fees to allow visitors simply browse oil job listings.

Instead you better look for an oil rig company that offers you assistance with writing a good resumé (CV), as well as to submit your application to as many companies as only possible.

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