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You may become surprised after completing your oil and gas job search, but in the majority of cases, the entry level job seekers that are eager to agree to doing entry level oil rig job need some good explanation it could turn out so much physically demanding they simply might fail to perform up to what's expected on oil rigs. Therefore it's better to start from land. The Texas oil rigs are land based and have nothing to do with offshore drilling platforms and dangerous deep water experience. These oil rig jobs are just about keeping the rig to work, starting from painting metal structures that are exposed to corrosion and doing other maintenance duties to ensure oil rig functioning.

Roustabout, both on and off shore, are the sought after positions or oil rig jobs in the oil and gas industry that the job seekers try to apply for, enticed by the fantastic salaries. In fact, roustabout or roughneck job is what any physically fit male can do, in certain cases women too. Roustabout position is for someone that isn't experienced or trained to perform other missions on oil platform. Roustabout is expected to do practically everything, from tidying and cleaning the deck to helping crane moving weights and many other things requiring strength and applying physical force.

The truth is, anyway that your roustabout salary will impressively exceed the compensation for any other job in whatever industry on land, where no previous experience is required, you gonna get paid the salary of 45,000 - 60,000 dollars a year, especially if you land the job of roustabout on offshore oil rig with no education and no prolonged training needed.

Oil rig veteran roustabout tells us how he attended trainee courses that assisted him in future to find entry level job on the offshore oil rigs in the North Sea, read about getting GreenHand certificate.

Working on oil rigs as entry level employee or worker off shore Norway, Newfoundland, USA, Brazil, Mexico, Nigeria, Mozambique. Other oil rig locations: South Africa. South East Asia. Singapore. Vietnam. Venezuela. Entry level overseas oil rig jobs consultancy in India. Catering jobs international oil rigs. 14 / 14 rotation jobs welding. Offshore catering jobs. Offshore cooking jobs in Canada. Entry level jobs offshore in Australia. Motorman. Rig and platform jobs in India contracting companies. Roustabout jobs California. Norway entry level job. Oil jobs at ocean drilling ships for entry level.

Roughneck floor hand jobs in Texas, welding jobs. Catering department on offshore oil rigs jobs. Real oil rig jobs. QA/QC Engineer in Gonzales. Reliability Engineer in Kenner. Logging Sales Engineer in Midland.

Visund South Statoil Norway, hiring roustabouts. Bualuang Producing - Salamander Energy, Thailand. Causeway Valiant Petroleum UK. Fionn Valiant Petroleum UK - Darwin East Discovery (Drilled) - Borders & Southern Falkland Islands (Malvinas). Vacancies expected for offshore projects.

The entry level roustabout job are available on land and on the offshore rigs located in the ocean. Anyway, all these positions presume exposure to the direct sun rays, therefore for people with skin problems rig jobs might be wrong option of career. Interested in Rig Jobs - No Experience? Find out who's hiring next in Dubai.

Platforms, Semi Submersibles, Floating Production and Storage Units, Jack Ups, Drill Ships, Flotels that's where you can expect to work meaning the job normally involves lots of travelling.

Offshore roustabout vacancies, are what many of the big chiefs in the oil industry started their climb up to the very top of the ladder from. If by your nature you are an ambitious person, it's not important really what you do after you have put your foot in the door of the oil drilling industry, regardless of whether you are assigned to work as a floorhand on the drill deck floor, or in crane operations, you are under the close scrutiny by your superiors and managers as for your prospects and your readiness to get promoted and become crane operator, mechanic, electrician, a toolpusher, driller, or even oil rig manager. All that is just a question of your willingness and your ability to learn, especially considering availability of many courses right on the oil rigs that entry level workers are encouraged to attend, free of charge.

In most cases a newly hired oil rig roustabout remains with this job up to one and half a year before they have acquired the necessary knowledge allowing for them to get promoted to higher positions on the platform. There's a continuous turnaround of the workforce in the oil exploration industry at sea, therefor new roustabouts are always in demand, since the old ones leave their positions to be promoted up oil jobs career ladder. It's hard to start, you begin slowly, but once having yourself proven you've got not other way than going up rapidly. That's where real value of getting an entry level job as roustabout on the oil rigs resides.

Another point about having got employed on the oil rigs at entry level is that if you proved yourself, you can at any point have break and go to the college to get an engineering or other relevant to oil drilling education. With the CV stating that you already worked at oil rigs some time in the past, they will gladly hire you again, but now in the new capacity of a skilled workforce. Did you know that physical laborers or those in catering positions like a cook's assistant or a Stewart account only for 30-35% of those employed on the oil rigs? The rest are employees with education or in management and supervising.

Saudi Aramco is hiring Electrical Engineer - Houston, TX - for SA Oil Drilling Div #1 to be charged with the following master responsibilities: general guidance and work direction to a group of electrical technicians, measurements, analyses and determining the nature of repairs or modifications. Should be capable to read all kinds of electrical blueprints and to carry out high-skilled diagnostic and electrical tasks. At least 11 years of experience is required. Should be familiar with testing equipment such as oscilloscopes, meggers, hi-pot testers, and the like and understand electrical code and lockout procedures.

Engineering Rig Job Openings Locations: Deepwater Completions Engineer in Lafayette. Project Engineer in Houston. Sr Mechanical Engineer in New Orleans. Technical Assistant in Covington. Sr Staff Geophysicist in Houston. HSE Specialist in Dickinson. DW Drilling Engineer in Lafayette. Process Improvement Engineer in Baton Rouge. Also required: Deepwater Pipeline Repair Kit Engineer and Subsea Design Engineer for Houston, Subsea Controls Engineer with expertise as Instrument & Controls Engineer, the field of Subsea Engineering, rig job location: Luanda (Angola).

Information on new jobs in the oil industry that includes descriptions, responsibilities, and the size of wages and salaries along with the working conditions is important. The information comes from various sources, including websites run by businesses that are not in fact recruiting agencies or agents, still informational portals may turn handy, though they do not claim to be directly involved in head hunting or offering employment. But if you are the first timer, tips, advice and in depth comprehensive recommendations as for the composing and filing resumé with oil HRD's can increase one's prospects of being chosen and employed for one of the entry level rig positions such as roughneck, roustabout, medic, or even helicopter pilot or scuba diver with no previous experience of working on oil rigs worldwide or close to the city or the state you reside at.

Oilfield Workers Registry website offers the fresh information on various drilling rig jobs that are currently available or vacancies that are expected to open shortly. Rig hands such as well testers are in constant need by the oil companies because of the big rate of workforce turnaround due to hard working conditions on the platforms. Find out about the entry level helpers. Next come the list of drilling crew positions such as Lease Hand, Roughneck, Painter, Roustabout, Cleaner, Floor Hand, Driller, Derrickman, Motorman, Rig Electricians, Radio Operator, Scaffolders, Toolpusher, Oil Rig Manager, Sr Driller. Certification that can be required or at least very handy for practically every position on the rig are WHMIS, H2S Alive, Driver's License, First Aid.

Regardless of your looking for an oil rig job on offshore or onshore oil rigs, a big selection of the entry level and advanced level vacancies is available worldwide in the locations that include Asia, Scotland, The North Sea, Alberta Canada, the USA, Europe, Nigeria, and the Middle East on various types of oil rigs.

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